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Not few of the Serbian words listed in the following, of German origin, are kind of pariah words: Many can, however, be found in public use, in the public space: No synonym in Serbian. At least the verbalising morpheme -ir- is German. Not in use anymore in standard language. Synonym grudnjaksomething like “the thing for the breast”.

Either Bavarian Zeddl m.

Serbian c indicates German as source. Bavarian Zutz l m.

Ringispil – Jelena Bacic Alimpic (Merry-go-round)

Bavarian zutzln; with Slavic infinitive morpheme. Both the Viennese and the Slavic form seem to be loans from another language, probably as early as 19th century. Mainly in Vojvodina, alinpic also in Central Serbia. Synonym merica mer “measure”. Slovenian barva is obviously a very old loan from Upper German. Slavic derivation morpheme -ov- plus infinitive morpheme -ati. Difference in meaning; cf. Austrian faschieren “to mince meat “. Probably through German Friseur m.

For the obsolete synonym ondulirati se see below. Not in use anymore, except perhaps in Vojvodina. French derivatives in -age are masculin; when taken over by German, they are treated as feminins die Garage, etc.


Probably from the German; Gas pedal n. Possibly loaned as adverb, from which the adjective gladak is derived by analogy, as if t by assimilation from d. Slovenian, Polish grob ; Czech, Slovak hrob.

Juwel, juwel from the Ribgispil. Bavarian kleschn “clap, smack”. The vowel irngispil of Serbian koverat is the typical anaptyctic vowel between two word-final consonants in Serbian.

Ringišpil, gost Branko Rosić by Dule Nedeljković | Mixcloud

Slovenian kredenca after Italian credenza. Not in regular use anymore; more so in Vojvodina.

Also Slovenian krompir ; Hungarian krumpli synon. The closest is French kouglofringisppil the Alsatian or Swiss form. Shift in meaning, or abbreviation. Bavarian La d l n. Bavarian Mundstick l n. Elision of h [x] is typically Serbian. Today hardly known; synonym frizirati se for which see above. Note the Bavarian characteristics, o- for German a- and g- for German h.

In use; various synonyms depending on context. An Austriacism; in Germany Arztpraxisin Italian ambulatorio.

Jelena Bacic Alimpic – Ringispil – Dragulji Lagune

In Standard German Tomate f. Not in use anymore.

The sound of c attests to German origin. In any case, change of meaning. The vowels agree with Standard German, but the weak feminine ending n before Slavic a is Bavarian. Presumably from the Viennese cuisine, where boiled beef plays a prominent role. Used in Vojvodina and North Eastern Serbia. Presumably from Bavarian Wlimpic n. Presumably one of the concentrical cast-iron rings, of traditional hearths.


ringispkl No exact Serbian synonym. Sakko, in Bavarian neuter; with the stress on o imitating the Frenchat least in Austria. Mainly used in Vojvodina. Zlimpic the French, though probably through German Chauffeur m. However, the stress is on the first syllable, as in English. In Germany, however, “cup” is Tasse French tasse. This latter word has in Austria the original meaning of “saucer, tray”, like Serbian tacna for which see below. In standard German Spitze f.

Note Serbian g for Standard German hBavarian g. Alimpuc Steckl schuach m. Not a composite noun, as in German: Serbian derivation of Strampel. The ending -na often corresponds to the Bavarian weak feminine ending -nwhich is not called for here. Synonym drvenarija drven “wooden”. From the French, though probably through German Trottoir n. Not much in use anymore.

Derivative vagati “to weigh out. Both the Serbian c and the ending -aner attest to Alimplc origin. An ending -a might be expected. Synonym papilotne from French papillotes f. The forms in other European languages do not resemble as perfectly. At least the verbalising morphem -ir- is German.

Bracketting Sicher heits nadel f.