Buy API 11BR: RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR THE CARE AND HANDLING OF SUCKER RODS from SAI Global. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11BR at Engineering Generally, API standards are reviewed and revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn at [1] API RP 11BR, Recommended Practice for Care and Handling of Sucker.

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API RP 11BR Revisions on Sucker Rod Makeup

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These variables include, but are not limited to: Preload no axial load 3 2. Maximum compression -5 ksi 3. Maximum tension 111br ksi Edward L. The accuracy in determining the applied torque value is cost dependent.

However, they both show the same trends of cost versus torque accuracy. This method correlates strain guage readings in the laboratory versus the applied torsional load during makeup and the resulting movement of the coupling to provide the required connection preload stress. The values were determined based upon actual strain gauge readings and resulting stress calculations by an API industry workgroup reference R.


These new methods utilize computerized aoi tongs to measure applied torque and either the number of turns or the final displacement of the coupling to the pin shoulder. Makeup the connection to the hand-tight position. Apply the appropriate CD value for the rod size and grade. Completely disassemble the connection.

RP 11BR Archives – Production Technology

Inspect the pin and coupling threads for visual damage without removing thread lubricant. Without applying new or additional thread lubricant, repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 for 10 complete cycles. Clean and inspect the pin and coupling threads. Other use of this presentation is prohibited without the expressed written permission of the author s.

The author is solely responsible for the content of the materials. The Sponsoring Organizations cannot and do not warrant the accuracy of these documents beyond the source documents, although we do make every attempt to work from authoritative sources. 11hr


E due to arc P Worksheet for sec 8. The Case Study – Brandon L.

Worksheet 36 – Thermal Processes Review.