APR was a low cost high performance sound record/play IC widely used by Single chip, high quality voice recording and playback solution; User Quality Line Receiver; High Quality Analog to Digitaland PWM module. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. This circuit is an This circuit is based on APR IC from Aplus. General Description. The APR devi ce offers true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 40 to 60 sec- onds.

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60 seconds Voice Record – Playback module – Electronics-Lab

This device is designed to provide a voice based an- nouncement for the user, i. PIC compiler also supports C language code.

All the pins of the ports moduule for interfacing input output devices. Jumper J3 on the PCB to select audio source. The IC can be controlled simp- ly using push button keys. The system designed consists of a GPS receiver and a voice circuit which is interfaced to the microcontroller. Abstract — GPS is employed to find the position of the user on the earth.

You May Also Like. In serial access mode, sound can be recorded in sections. Complete Electrical Symbol 3. Moduls order to save power supply a bias signal applied to microphone while playing, the ground return of this bias network is connected to normally to open side of record switch.

Doing so, we can track the movement of the Blind person in a very efficient manner.

Second Duration user manual http: One of modupe limitations being function recursion is not allowed. Pin 1 is MCLR master clear pin pin also referred as reset pin.

This is due to the fact that the PIC has no stack to push variables onto, and also because of the way the compilers optimize the code.

60 seconds Voice Record – Playback module

Gener- ally, we put power traces on the top of the board, jump- ing only to the bottom if a part cannot be soldered onto the top plane like a relayand vice- versa. Press and hold the control button ii.


While still holding the selection button, we can record a 5sec message. Entire 60 segment is available in a single shot mode. For anyone with a GPS receiver, the system will provide location and time. Bread- boards are great for prototyping equipment as it allows great flexibility to modify a design when needed; howev- er the final product of a project, ideally should have a neat PCB, few cables, and survive a shake test.

It stores the data of the current location which it receives from the GPS system, so that it can make use of the data stored to compare with the destination location of the user.

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Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR – Best Engineering Projects

For this, we have to switch ON the voice module by connecting the power supply batte- ries. An APR is a single chip voice arp9600 and playback device from Aplus integrated circuits. Electronic Game and Fun Projects. This project can be extended by incorporating a GSM module. To achieve this mode J1 and Apr9600 should be closed. While both the buttons are pressed, we hear a beep sound from the speaker, indicating that we can release the push but- ton.

The replayed sound exhibits high quality with a low noise level.

This short- ens the total length of sound recording to 32 seconds. To- tal sound recording time can be varied from 32 seconds to 60 seconds by changing the value of a single resistor.

This microcontroller has a program in it written in such a way that it accepts the hex file from the PIC compiler and dumps this hex file into the micro- controller which is to be programmed. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully, thus contributing to the best working of the system.


The second phase deals with receiving the signal from the GPS receiver and actuating the voice module using the microcontroller. Another PiP would sound to denote the end of recording.

In parallel access mode, sound can be rec- orded in 2, 4 or 8 sections. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. The locations names are pre recorded in the voice circuit and are announced when the person reaches those particular locations.

This circuit will help you record and play a 60 seconds voice message stored on it. When making a PCB we have the option of making a single sided board, or a double sided board.

IS it interface with family? PIC compiler is a software in which the machine lan- guage code is written and compiled. The system employs a user friendly design and provides for an automatic location name announcement system. There are two different ways to record a voice message onto the chip viz. A power supply may include a power distribution sys- tem as well as primary or secondary sources of energy such as. This paper describes the concept using a microcontroller based system. The procedure is the same as described above in MOD8, and the keys available in this mode are M1 to M4.

According to sample frequency selected for recording, inter anti-aliasing is automatic adjusted its response. All normal C data types are supported along with pointers to constant arrays, fixed point decimal, and arrays of bits. It consists of 8 pins from C0 to C7 Port D: