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The site is not able to function properly without the browser having JavaScript enabled. Arabic and English This journal is Open Access. About All available issues Editorial board Contact Info. JUB is publishing peer-reviewed, high-quality research papers and reviews in all branches of Engineering Sciences, Pure Sciences, and Humanity Sciences.

Contact info info journalofbabylon. Ali Fadhil Naser Pages: Abstract Keywords Fulltext Export Issues. Abstract Pier of bridge is usually used as a general term for any type of substructure located between horizontal spans and foundations. Piers give vertical supports for spans at intermediate istznbulda and perform two main functions. The objective of this study is to inspect the effect of piers shape on the dynamic structural performance by adopting theoretical dynamic analysis.

The results of dynamic analysis of 25 bridges models show that the maximum value of natural frequency is equal to 5. Therefore, this type of model has good stiffness and bearing capacity.

The two square piers kstanbulda, the one circle pier model, and the two circles piers model appear good stiffness because of the natural frequencies 5. According to the comparison between all models results, the two circles piers model has the higher stiffness because of this model has the maximum value of natural frequency 5.

Abstract The main objective of this research is, to devise istanbbulda new base to find a single integrals numerically specified babilfe of continuous functions, continuous but diseased derivative or diseased in one or more points of integration area. It also found fault with formulas, as we have the conclusion of this method of trapezoidal and Istabulda bases.

In addition, the results have been improved based on the boundaries of the patch and using accelerate of Romberg, so we concluded that it can rely on this method of integrals specific account, where given the relatively high accuracy results in a few partial periods compared with the ixtanbulda rule. The study included 52 healthy male rabbit, the local strain Oryctolagus cuniculus ,In order to find the effect of Cyperus esculentus tubers phenolic and terpenoid extracts in the histology of some accessory sex glands especially the seminal vesicles and istabbulda.

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The medium effective dose were ,86 mgkg B. Abstract Bioactive ceramic materials can help bone reparation and regeneration by offering support to bone growth. HA-composite material exhibited increasing density, microhardness, and compressive strength with increasing amount of glass addition. In vitro tests, the samples were soaked in simulated body fluid SBF for ten days in order to evaluate the change in compression strength, weight loss, and pH.

Babildw histological study of the digestive tube showed that: The esophagus wall was lacked muscularis mucosa due to the confluent of lamina propria and tunica submucosa to form one layer between epithelial tissue and tunica muscularis externa which consisted of two layers of striated muscle fibers, the inner was longitudinal and the outer was circular, which was covered with tunica adventitia at the anterior part except latero — dorsal region abbilde tunica serosa at the posterior part.

Babilds tunica muscularis externa ai of two layers of visceral muscular fibers, the inner was circular and the outer was longitudinal which istanbukda the opposite arrangement to that in esophagus. Muscularis externa was covered with tunica serosa. Keywords Mosquito fish Digestive tube Histology. Abstract The major source of noise in major cities are motorized road vehicles; it is responsible for creating annoyance among people.

The main objective of this study is to evaluate and analyze road traffic noise in Al-Hilla City-Iraq.

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Digital sound level meters with frequency weighting networks were used in this study. All measurements were taken on an A weighting frequency network, at a height of about cm from ground and on fast range time bahilde.

Noise levels have been measured at 48 major locations of the city from 7. It is observed that at all the locations the level of noise remains far above the acceptable limit for all the examined time period. A safe distance between m seems to be suitable for all roads, except the Sixty-Street main road. Jassim Atiya Alwan Pages: Abstract The objective of this research is to find the optimum value of some properties like ustanbulda, flexural strength of blended cement mortar by nanometakaolin NMK or rice husk ash RHA and to evaluate the effect of high temperature on these properties.


It is also found that exposing the mortar to more than these temperatures destroyed its strength and it was detrimental to its properties. Abstract Selected urinary tract infection female patients in shatra city during of different age groups Keywords Staphylococcus E. Protoscolices were collected from the infected sheeps livers in Al-Hilla and Al-Najaf abattoirand protoscolices suspention was added to each concentration of the agents alone which were used for different time periods.

The percentage of the viability of protoscolices was measured using the eosin aqueous stain 0. The results revealed that the viability of protoscolices percentage gabilde Hydatid cyctic disease PBS: Cystic echinococcosis LSD: Abstract It has been tried in this research to introduce this type of new structural materials as reproducible industrial materials and overtake some production obstacles by exploring the direction of chemistry structure relation.

The compacted samples have been prepared from elemental powders Titanium, Aluminum and Black Carbon using the powder technology techniques. They have been dispersed in different concentrations Ti-Al-C and different molar ratios due to the change in the Ti to Al concentrations. Therefore, the concentration of Al has improved the applications of water resource structures, and that alloy, especially in corrosion resistance and under water, has proved structures as well as pipes because the Al has created the layer that protects this ceramic from hard and nature conditionsSo the Al metal lead to use this ceramic in loading bearing structures such as bridges and high impact resistance such as Dams.

The effects of cold and hot pressing as well as sintering in different temperatures are investigated. Micro hardness test and Archimedes method is used to measure the density and porosity percentage.

No evidence istanbluda the direct formation of MAX phases from elemental powders is foud which may explain the need of high temperatures to produce such phases since the breaking of bonds is required for the gabilde phase.

Abstract The activity of surrounded palm apex and pomegranate peel against the sporulation of C. Abstract This work included the preparation of the ligand Z -N- 1- E – 4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazolyl diazenyl phenyl ethylidene Chloro aniline Qk via coupling of diazonium salt of 4-amino acetophenone with the heterocyclic ring 4,5- diphenyl imidazole in alkaline alcoholic media as preliminary step qk, then the yield of the coupling reaction was refluxed with 4-chloro aniline in absolute ethanolto produce a new azo-schiff azo-azomethine derivative.

In addition ,six of chelating complexes of the transition metal divalent ions Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,Cd,Hg were prepared for this new ligand ,after the fixation of the optimum condition concentration ,pH values and mole ratio. The results indicate that the mole ratio M: The preparing ligand Azo- schiff and its lmm were identified with the available techniquessuch mass spectroscopyelementary analysis, Atomic absorption ,UV-Visible spectroscopyI.

R spectroscopy ,electrical molar conductance and magnetic susceptibility for the complexes in its solid form. From the results obtainedoctahedral geometry is the predicted geometry for all chelating complexes. Keywords azo compounds azo compound complexes azo-schiff compounds Imidazole derivatives spectroscopy study.

In the batch tests, the influence of several operating parameters such as contact time mininitial pH of the solutionsorbent dose 0. The sorption data obtained by batch experiments have been subjected to the Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models. Hussain Fadhel Hamdan Jaafar Pages: Abstract Retinal image analysis is commonly used for the detection and quantification of retinal diabetic retinopathy.

In retinal images, dark lesions including hemorrhages and microaneurysms are the earliest warnings of vision loss. In this paper, new algorithm for extraction and quantification of hemorrhages in fundus images is presented.

Hemorrhage candidates are extracted in a preliminary step as a coarse segmentation followed by a fine segmentation step. Local variation processes are applied in the coarse segmentation step to determine boundaries of all candidates with distinct edges. Fine segmentation processes are istanbula on histogram thresholding to extract real hemorrhages from the segmented candidates locally.

The proposed method was trained and tested using an image dataset of manually labeled retinal images. At the pixel level, the proposed method could identify abnormal retinal images with Due to its distinctive performance measurements, this technique demonstrates that it could be used for a computer-aided mass screening of retinal diseases. istanbulds


Seven samples of soil were collected from different region Al-Qadisiya governorate. As result, the maximum of radioactivity was found about The concentration of Radon in the air was measured as well as, the concentration of radium in vegetable are measured by the mathematical models.

The does resulting from the vegetable and habitation of radon gas were calculated and these results were large than original maximum limited.

In the designed system, two methods to generate UWB pulses are proposed and demonstrated, optical method based cross-gain modulation XGM in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier SOA and the electrical method depends on the differentiation of the Gaussian pulse.

The full width half maximum FWHM of the generated pulses monocycle and doublet are 32 ps, 19ps for optical method and2.

In order to understand the linear and nonlinear effects, and the maximum achievable reach at each modulation scheme, the performance of the system is tested under four cases of weather conditions: Abstract In present work, we studied the spectroscopic and thermodynamic properties for Se2Br2,Se2I2 molecules.

This study included the potential of bonds Se-Br, Se-I. The results showed that the spectral dissociation energy for Se2Br2 molecule which was 4eV and for Se2I2 sk was 3eV and the vibration modes for the two molecules were studied. From the results, the high occupied molecular orbital HOMO calculated iistanbulda The Thermodynamic properties behavior have been studied as a function of temperatures in the range K.

The results show that the heat of formation, enthalpy, heat capacity and entropy are increasing with increase the temperature, while Gibbs energy was decrease with the increasing the temperature. Keywords Spectroscopic properties Thermal properties molecuer vibration one dimention. There are several methods developed to address those lines of those ways is Mullah Filling for data lost by relying on the generation of lines scanned neighboring Neighboring scan lines The second way is up Bastbdl pixels lines black Bpeixlat taken from images of the same area taken shortly close before or after Date of the image that are meant her make the correction in both methods is to compensate for the lost original valuesso the image quality is less than the corrected sound.

The origin of the idea is that the satellite image is composed of a matrix of pixels Pixelseach of which has a numeric value DN value, and the numeric value of the pixels black lines be zerowhich means the loss of data floor areas located within those lines. The idea of the treatment process is the replacement of the pixels in those black lines with another sound and images taken one or more of the same area and the same sensor accuracy and spatial Spatial resolution itselfpreferably those pictures may be taken immediately before or after the image of the black lines.

The reason for this is that there be no significant variation in the parameters of land cover and land use Land cover and land use in the study area. As well as to avoid the effects of seasonal changes in the angle of the sun rise from the earth in different seasons of the year and caused the variation in the nature of the radiation reflected from the surface of the earth.

Abstract Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs are environmental concerns that must be removed to acceptable level. Five sets of experiments batch are applied to investigate the optimal of five influencing factors on soil remediation: To study the influence of flow rates on the removal efficiency of contaminants, two column tests with hydraulic gradient of 0.

The results illustrate that high phenanthrene removal from soil obtained by 1. It was concluded that phenanthrene removal depend on surfactant micelles formation. Overall, the study showed that soil flushing removal efficiency for contaminants depends on the flushing agents selectivity and affinity to the contaminants and the condition of hydraulic gradient.

Abstract Carry out several experiments for estimation active isolations fungi Alternaria alternata on powdery mildew diseases after isolated A.

Abstract In this study a flat plate solar air heater with a shallow duct is analyzed experimentally. The collector consists of a 4.