The Bar Mitzvah Maamar App, built in with the Bar Mitzvah Maamar Yiddish audio, text and recordings as well as many other features, is the App for today’s. Download FREE version of the Bar Mitzvah Maamar App. Available in Hebrew and Yiddish built-in audio, translation, explanation, daily reminders, and more. Click on the image above to access the Maamar PDF and its recordings. Or Here for the videos on Youtube. The Maamar is in Hebrew with.

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With new technological advances your son is now able to learn the Maamar with an iOS device Android coming soon. There is ykddish easier or more convenient way to prepare for this important aspect of your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Bar Mitzvah Maamar – Bar Mitzvah Online

Your sons Bar Mitzvah is a very exciting time but can also yiddosh a daunting one. Learning the Maamar can be quite a challenge for bochurim in today’s hectic world. The Bar Mitzvah Maamar App makes studying an easier, more enjoyable experience.


Even if a boy does not know Yiddish, he will be able to learn and understand the Maamar, and, most importantly, say it like a pro. It is my belief that this app will become an integral aid for all Bar Mitzvah boys mitzvay approaching their Bar Mitzvah preparations.

Bar Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvah Maamar is a time-honoured tradition and a central part of the spiritual preparation for Bar Mitzvah boys for generations. This App utilises cutting-edge technology to har your son the power he needs to master the Maamar’s technical and spiritual depths. Use the power of modern technology to connect your son with a timeless tradition.

Learn the Maamar in Yiddish or Hebrew with English translation and explanation. Speed up or slow down the recording to match to your current skill level.

A host of informational resources for those who want to take their studies to the next level. Interested in helping your son learn the Maamar in a yidsish, engaging way?

A project of Barmitzvah Online. A Revolutionary App to help your son learn the Maamar.

Bar Mitzvah Ma’amar

Take Studying the Maamar to the next level. How Does It Work? Customised Text Learn the Maamer line by line, by paragraph, or start to finish. Record Record progress and review or send to a parent or teacher.


Full translation features Enhance understanding of the Maamar with English translation and explanation. Language Learn the Maamar in Hebrew or Yiddish. Audio Audio is synchronised to the text. Follow the highlighted text as you listen.

Set a reminder Set reminders for study times and keep momentum between lessons. Speed Speed up or slow down the recording to match to your current skill level. Bookmarking Bookmark your place in the Maamar so you’ll never be lost.

JUDAIC STUDIES – DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: Chabad Bar Mitzvah Maamar with Audio Recordings

Quick tour Let us guide you through for easy navigation. Email Email student recordings to a teacher or parent for assessment. Additional Resources A host of informational resources for those who want to take their studies to the next yidish. What Are You Waiting For?