of naphthalene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride on Ag(): First-principles calculations. Audrius Alkauskas, Alexis Baratoff, and C. Bruder. Phys. A. Alkauskas*, A. Baratoff, and C. Bruder. Department of Physics and Astronomy, NCCR for Nanoscale Science, University of Basel, Klingelbergstrasse , 67 () A. Alkauskas, A. Baratoff, C. Bruder, J. Phys. Chem. A , ( ) M. Krauss, W.J. Stevens, Ann. Rev. Phys. Chem. 35, ()

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The list of publications is ordered by year of appearance. Also have a look at the list of theses from our group.


If you prefer a list of publications of a baratovf group member, please visit the corresponding member page. Startseite Publications Research papers.

Publications The list of publications is ordered by year of appearance. Optimal synchronziation deep in the quantum regime: Divergence of predictive model output as indications of phase transitions F. Spin transport in a graphene normal-superconductor junction in the quantum Hall regime T.

Quantum synchronization and entanglement generation A. Interaction-induced time-symmetry breaking in driven quantum oscillators M. B 98, ; arXiv: Unraveling nonclassicality in the optomechanical instability M. Bruderand N.

Condensed Matter > Materials Science

A 97; arXiv: Extracting work from quantum states by photo-assisted Cooper pair tunneling N. Bxratoff autonomous single-piston engine with a quantum rotor A. Synchronizing the smallest possible system A. Quantum effects in amplitude death of coupled anharmonic self-oscillators E.

E 97; arXiv: Noninvasive quantum measurement of arbitrary operator order by brucer non-Markovian detectors J. Indistinguishability of quantum states and rotation counting D.

B 98; arXiv: Quantum synchronization bloc kade: Energy quantization hinders synchronization of identical barayoff N. Synchronization of an optomechanical system to an external drive E. A 95; arXiv: Switchable valley filter based on a graphene p-n junction in a magnetic field T. B 95; arXiv: Robust quantum optimizer with full connectivity S. Thermoelectricity in a junction between interacting cold atomic Fermi gases in an optical cavity T. A 94; arXiv: Fragmented superradiance of a Bose-Einstein condensate in an optical cavity A.


Optomechanical self-oscillations in an anharmonic potential: Dynamics of Hubbard Hamiltonians with the multiconfigurational time-dependent Hartree method for indistinguishable particles A. Genuine quantum signatures in synchronization of anharmonic self-oscillators N.

The topological Anderson insulator phase in the Kane-Mele model C. Snake states and their symmetries in graphene Yang Liu, R. B 92; arXiv: Full counting statistics of Majorana interferometers G.

Bruder Physica E 74; arXiv: Detection of weak forces based on noise-activated switching in bistable optomechanical systems S. A 90; arXiv: Quantum synchronization of two van der Pol oscillators S.

Berlin; arXiv: Josephson effect in normal and ferromagnetic topological insulator planar, step and edge junctions J. B 90; arXiv: Neutral edge modes in a superconductor – topological-insulator hybrid structure in a perpendicular magnetic field R.

Gaussian Form of Effective Core Potential and Response Function Basis Set Derive

Stojanovic EPL; arXiv: B 89; arXiv: Quantum synchronization of a driven self-sustained oscillator S. Equivalence between an optomechanical system and a Kerr medium S. A 88; arXiv: Signatures of tunable Majorana-fermion edge states R. Strategy for implementing stabilizer-based codes on solid-state qubits T. A 87; arXiv: Measuring ultrasmall time delays of light by joint weak measurements G.

Baratofff effects in dissipatively coupled optomechanical systems T. Nonsymmetrized correlations in quantum noninvasive measurements A. Microwave-controlled coupling of Majorana bound states T. Majorana qubit rotations in microwave cavities T.

Research papers – Bruder group

Majorana fermions from Landau quantization in a superconductor–topological-insulator hybrid structure R. Superfluid drag of two-species Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattices P. A 86; arXiv: Mean-field analysis of spinor bosons in optical superlattices A. Quantum simulation of small-polaron formation with trapped ions V. Stojanovic, Tao Shi, C. Electron hole -phonon coupling in crystalline organic semiconductors: Preserving universal resources for one-way quantum computing T. Spin-1 atoms in optical superlattices: A 84; arXiv: B 85; arXiv: Interferometric and noise signatures of Majorana fermion edge states in transport experiments G.


Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger generation protocol for N superconducting transmon qubits capacitively coupled to a quantum bus S. Aldana, Ying-Dan Wang, and C. B 84; arXiv: B 83; arXiv: D 6341 ; arXiv: A single fermion in a Bose Josephson Junction M. A 83; arXiv: Local quantum control of Heisenberg spin chains R. A 82; arXiv: Polaronic signatures and spectral properties of graphene antidot lattices V.

B 82; arXiv: Detection of qubit-oscillator entanglement in nanoelectromechanical systems T. B 81 B 80 Transport properties of a superconducting single-electron transistor coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator V. B 79 Graph criterion for algebraic controllability of quantum networks D.

A 79R Undoing a quantum measurement C. Loss Physics 134 B 78 A 78R Density correlations in ultracold Fermi systems within the exact Richardson solution S. A 77 Dynamic method to distinguish between left- and right-handed chiral molecules Yong Li and C. The connection between noise and quantum correlations in a double quantum dot F. B 77 ,