IP address, password and other login data, which are preconfigured for the Belkin F5D Wireless G 54Mbps router. Belkin – F5D v9 (Belkin Firmware) Wireless Setup Guide. Note: When setting up or changing your wireless settings it is a good idea to be plugged into the. Find great deals for Belkin F5D 54 Mbps 4-Port 10/ Wireless G Router (F5DDE4). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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If you have a 4 MB model, you can reflash the router with the full version generic firmware from within the routers web f5c7230 after dd-wrt is installed as long as you check the filesize of the build you are flashing and make sure it not larger than what is allowed in your Belkin router.

Wireless Setup – Belkin – F5D v9 (Belkin Firmware) | ™

See the peacock announcement at the start of the broadcom forum, notes 3 and 4 for further information: Bekin have to flash blekin MB routers with the 2 MB micro firmware.

There is information that suggests that flashing firmware over 3. You will temporarily lose the functionality of the switch and will only be able to connect wirelessly after flashing. Attempting to flash a v could brick your router. These instructions will brick v and v Belkin F5D routers, apparently without a hope of fixing them short of some rewiring.


See the forum posts here [2] for possible help un-bricking one of these units.

TFTP is only active during the first few seconds of boot. This helps the NIC f5d7320 quicker. You can also try using a hub or switch between the router and PC. If you’re having difficulty with either of the above methods or just don’t feel like going through all the hoops required there is a much simpler method that may work.

After trying the first two methods a few times the first method several times in particular I managed to get my v flashed in one try!

As such I am unsure of the exact delay between resetting the router and starting TFTP, but it was definitely less than a second. At the very least this method is much more enjoyable than unplugging and re-plugging your router over and over again.

Wireless Setup – Belkin – F5D7230-4 v9 (Belkin Firmware)

The reason for this limitation is due to the fact that the current robo-switch is unable to properly configure the vlan with this router’s implementation of the BCMEKQM switch chip. By bypassing the vlan stuff we can get limited functionality from this router.

These instructions are for the v24 build of DD-WRT micro not the multi-language version which seems to have stripped out the reboot, ls and other shell commands. A Belkin F5D v as a wireless client. When it starts back up your LAN ports should be active.


The router’s default IP address is Just use the web interface via the LAN port to configure the router as a wireless client. B Belkin F5D v as a wireless access point 1 Connect to the router wirelessly 2 Telnet to the router and sign in or use a serial f5d720 cable 3 Enter the commands below: When it starts back up your WAN port should be active. Just use the web interface via the WLAN port to configure the router as an access-point.

If you enter in the wrong setting or can not access your router you can always hold down the reset button to restore it to the factory defaults.

Remember that we are bypassing all the VLAN stuff so some of the web configurations will not work. Retrieved from ” http: Article Discussion Edit History.

This page was last modified This page has been accessed 91, times. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Flashing Instructions 2.