If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo (traditional and combat) . Learn a Kata/Form: Rather than just learning random techniques here. Bojutsu techniques The Japanese martial art of wielding the bo is bojutsu. The basis of bojutsu techniques is te, or hand, techniques derived from Quanfa and. Although bo staff spinning isn’t the first things you’ll learn when studying bo staff, it’s certainly one of the more impressive techniques. Like with.

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So, prior training in a traditional art like karate will reduce the learning curve, but you can still learn the staff without it. I recommend using a bo which is slightly shorter than you. If you did not realize it yet, a bo is really just a glorified, combat oriented, martial arts laden stick. I have watched a few of your clips on the net, and I do appreciate your presentation, and have already learned some stuff.

This is a strong, heavier wood, designed for actual combat, deadly blows, and weapon to weapon combat. March 20, at 2: August techniaues, at 5: Some students test more often, this just depends on how many hours they train each week.

Thanks for supporting Ultimate Bo and what I do! This is why I have an expanded, step-by-step section in my beginner level of the Ultimate Bo Course the yellow chevron level. Or, if you train in a dojo, ask your instructor to teach you a form.


So, where should I go from here, to take my skills to the next level? So glad you enjoy techniquea site. Therefore, if you are starting out with my training programs, or looking to learn the basics of bo, you will want a toothpick bo.

Bo Staff Techniques – Black Belt Wiki

It will give you a comfortable beginner level understanding. This is not just a set of training videos, but an entire distance training tecchniques. Hi Sensei I have been involved with Karate for over 35 years on and off and re-entered a club a few years ago bojuysu currently back up to 3rd Kyu level again. This is an awesome site. Thank you so much for making them. November 10, at 3: All ten toes facing forward, front knee bent, back leg straight, shoulders square.

The first basic spin is, I would use this word, inefficient. It is better to be within a one to two inch range of the height of your bo if possible.

Please make sure you have a clear, wide training area. Either way, go for it, and have fun mastering the bo! Lean katas, techniques, sparring, and techniquee much more from White-Black Belt, and earn an actual Black Chevron rank at home in Ultimate Bo.


So from reading I am thinking hechniques a rattan one and a tapered hardwood? July 31, at April 29, at 8: Black Belt at Home Blog.

Black Belt at Home Blog

October 29, at 3: August 22, at 9: July 13, at 2: When you have someone learning and going through the motions with you, you are bound to do boujtsu. If you are very interested in actually earning rank and getting feedback from me as you go forwarddefinitely go for the GMAU Ultimate Bo student membership. If you are just learning for your own interest and training, the DVD set will be just fine.

To what level will this dvd take tfchniques

I hope that helps! A great little exercise to develop your bo staff technique — just by repeatedly changing your grip you can build strength, control and balance when spinning techniqhes bo staff.

Remember that a bo is an over sized item, so expect to pay an added shipping fee due to its size. Do you have an advanced or masters dvd course.