Buhalterinės apskaitos pagrindai. Finansų pagrindai [elektroninis išteklius] Lietuvos mokesčių sistema: teoriniai ir praktiniai pagrindai: mokomoji knyga. Daiva Rimdeikiene is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Daiva Rimdeikiene and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share. pažeidžiant teisės aktų, reglamentuojančių buhalterinės apskaitos tvarkymą, rei- Konstitucijoje preambulinio skyriaus „Istoriniai pagrindai“ atsiradimą. Tai.

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Poetics, rhetoric and linguistics: The pragmatic linguistic analysis of the TV commercials communicates. International conference Polilogue in Geolinguistics and Sociolinguistics: Development of emotional and creative competences in study process by prof.

Panchanatham from Annamalai University India. International experience of ecological restructuring and its implementation in Ukrainian enterprises Multilingual European Union. Translating for the European Commission. Traditions of Interpretation and the Cognitive Approach to its Specifics. Grundey part-timeDr. Gargasas part-timeDr.

Grunda part-timeDr. Mixed economy in the context of sustainable development Development and management of ecologically sustainable economy Problems of entrepreneurship development: A company operating in a small domestic market, international trade can buhalerins economies of scale in production, company growth, and profit growth, persistence in the market and job creation. It is therefore important to carry out research of a complex organization and a potential market by applying a systematic approach to evaluation.

This objective was addressed through the following tasks: The theory analysis of concepts and structure of country image and higher education image was conducted using the attitude theory approach which knjga to define certain components and dimensions of image.

After theory analysis original hypothetical structural model of bkhalterins image manifestation in higher education context was constructed. The structural model of country image manifestation in higher education context pagrindzi identifies payrindai essential components of country image in higher education context together with its dimensions and interrelationships can be considered as a complex means of measurement of country image manifestation in higher education context that provides an opportunity to evaluate the country image regardless of the country, to identify the strengths and consistently develop the strategies of country image designing in higher education context.

The Processes of Globalization and Sustainable Development. The modelling of digital piracy in creative industries, concepts of digital piracy and creative industries were analyzed.

Finansine Apskaita Original – PDF Free Download

The factors affecting motivation of end users piracy actions were developed. New theoretical business models, taking into account the benefits of piracy in the music industry, were created. The main concept of this scientific research buhalterisn the relation between social capital and sustainable development. Researching these relations between social capital and sustainable development we are trying to analyze the influence of social capital, social capital dimensions to sustainable development, how the attitudes, believes of social capital can influence sustainable development.

Such criteria as social confidence, social responsibility, sense as community member influences believes about sustainable development in common. The dimensions of social capital affect the meaning of life quality General sustainable development principles and the possibilities of their implementation in corporation activities were researched with a focus on pagrinddai the impact of business contributions in attaining the goals of sustainable society development.

The corporate sustainability goals and their links to business strategies were researched. The problems of Lithuanian landscape in the context of sustainable development were examined. The landscape of any country is the reflection of territorial expression of its socio-economical and ecological processes.

Self-contained renaturalization of Lithuanian landscape, increase in biodiversity and the implementation of programs from the strategic documents of the government, could lead to pagrundai least partial restoration of the impoverished Lithuanian landscape and increase of its stability. Application of environmental policy instruments for the implementation of sustainable energy development, with emphasis on ecological tax reform and the need for implementation of green accounting was examined.


Analysis of relations between the sustainable development and climate change was also performed. The issues of application of behavioural economics and psychology in image management were studied and the main insights in application of behaviour economics in image development were studied. The environmental policy approaches, with an emphasis on ecological tax reform and the need for implementation of green accounting were analyzed.

The research revealed the importance of psychology in the economy and decision-making based on the latest behavioural economics and psychology of communication theories and empirical research to formulate a person, company, product image of the basics. Great attention was paid to the formation of the image differences and similarities between cultures, to distinguish and analyze the most important components of the image, such as substantive clothing, tone of voice, vocabulary, facial expression mimiceye contact, gestures and social behaviour – etiquette knowledge and application etc.

Theoretical research of sports organizations and sponsors cooperation was done. The efficiency of the sports organizations depends on the popularity of certain products within the market, target audience as well as business partners or sponsor organizations.

To attract more sponsors and make effective and beneficial cooperation for both sides, it is essential to analyze the options for the creation of cooperative business relationship model which would lead to the development of more effective cooperation.

The sports organizations and sponsors cooperate in order to achieve their goals more effectively. The labour market is dynamic and is characterized by uncertainty and labour market issues are relevant and regularly analyzed.


Most pressing social and economic problems of poverty as well as unemployment and social exclusion are a very undesirable socio-economic phenomena, which impede sustainable development of society. The research goal was to examine the prevalence of poverty in different geographical areas in order apskaitow determine the extent and vulnerable groups.

The concept of poverty and identified poverty forces behind were explored. Comparing the poverty line counting buhalterinx showed that each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the design of poverty reduction measures, attention should be paid according to the specific situation of the country. The study found that, based on statistical data, regardless of the scope of the existing and the laws across the European Union, there is still a lot of people who find themselves at risk of poverty.

Study of risk of poverty rate in the statistical dependence in unemployment in the city noticed a very strong relationship, and analyzing the situation in the village revealed that there is a strong negative correlation between the risk of unemployment rates and pagrindxi levels.

The analysis of economic crises apskwitos conducted by applying logistic analysis methods. The main drivers buhalferins economic crisis were identified by applying logistic analysis: The complexity of a business partnership development and its impact on organizational performance and opportunities, which can lead to the expansion of markets through a new structure of network organization, were explained.

The indicators of the business partnership management and performance and their application in general business activity were defined. A detailed theoretical study of internal and relationship marketing concepts was conducted. The link between these concepts was proposed and the impact on partnership development was shown. An innovative approach that integrates all the concepts addressed in kngga overall system was presented. Research analyses the links pagfindai social capital and the quality of life.

Referring to the methods of analysis of documents and application of quantitative method in empirical study in theoretical and empirical levels, social parameters highlighting the links between social capital and quality of life are analysed. It was determined that such criteria applicable in analysis of situation of social capital, as trust, sociality, social participation are important in subjective assessment of quality of life and sense of self-value in society.


Creation of leadership remains a practical problem despite the evidence of leadership creation models. Psychodynamic paradigm offers depth understanding of human internecine apskairos as well as the bualterins phenomena. The leadership creation model, based on this understanding, can give distinctive contribution into the human resources management.

Comparable study of leadership theories pgarindai that psychodynamic paradigm has contact points with psychodynamic explaining of leadership as well as with understanding leadership phenomena as transformative, leader-member exchange, authentic, cognitive, servant and spiritual. Accordingly, it was concluded that leadership creation model is possible involving all these theoretical explanations of leadership phenomena. Gender Aspects in Economy and Labour Markets. Seeking to shape effective policies to combat with gender inequality and to measure achieved progress in this area the indicators of gender inequality play an important role.

There are many indicators of inequality representing different aspects on gender inequality. However, it is necessary to have one indicator which allows assessing gender inequality in all the aspects to compare countries in terms of level of gender inequality.

The validity of certain indicators is questionable. There is a need for a aapskaitos indicator, covering all issues of gender inequalities.

New indicator is based on multi-criteria analysis and normalization of several the most important gender inequality indicators being applied by various international institutions dealing with gender issues. The countries ranking according integrated index of gender equality aspkaitos the worst score for Lithuania 8th position though according to GEI Lithuania is ranked third.

The gender aspects in economy and labor market were investigated. The gender equality measurement tools were developed and applied in assessing labor market in terns of gender inequalities in Lithuanian and other EU member states.

The analysis of electricity market models was carried out. The impact of electricity market models on investments in renewable energy sources was assessed and quantified in Lithuania. Grunda, PhD student N. Reform of Higher Education in the Field of Biotechnology: Market based climate knyag mitigation tools in Lithuanian energy: Pagrinxai Academic publishing, Vilniaus universitetas Kauno humanitarinis fakultetas, Faculty of Business and Management, University of Latvia. Faculty of Management and Economics.

Efficiency of the ecological tax reform: Pursuing a cost leadership strategy and business sustainability objectivess: Environmental management systems in context: Vilniaus universitetas,p. Managing mobility opportunities for doctoral students: Centre of Sociological Research. The use of leading economic indicators in economic forecasting: Jelgava printing house, Dilys, PhD Aoskaitos M.

Gliaubicas part-timeA. Financial accounting policy, management accounting and internal control in Lithuanian enterprises Research of public and corporate finance in Central and Eastern Europe. Research involved financial accounting theory, financial information disclosure in financial statements, earnings management.

Financial accounting theory is not known in Lithuania, therefore, research describes formulated financial accounting buhalherins abroad, and the main empirical research is presented. The broader view to financial accounting may be useful to teachers, students and PhD students, other users of accounting information. Further research on the disclosure of financial information in financial statements of the listed companies is made.

Research on disclosure of liabilities pagrndai social responsibility of the companies was performed. Financial statement fraud detection.