I think the only company worse than Misco when it came to sending out catalogues was Inmac. Hardly ever bought anything from either. Misco was an IT brand whose ownership was split between Hilco Capital Limited and with sales being made online, via telephone and mail order catalogue. MISCO has recently launched the Training & Development Catalogue which also includes a new qualifications portfolio. These qualifications cover.

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Learning never stops really.

If you want to remain on the ball within your expertise, indeed if you want to remain an expert at what you do, you need to keep yourself abreast with the developments in the industry. Cattalogue then can your career move forward. These qualifications cover various topics such as integrated communications, digital marketing and training, teaching and assessments.

Misco – Wikipedia

The fields of marketing and communications are very dynamic and constantly evolving. We have also added on new short professional development programmes to our portfolio. Applying for such courses from a leading training institution and study centre such as MISCO is the right step towards more learning and improvement in your career. Home Page Shopping Cart. Sharon Xuereb Bernice Camilleri Dr.

Misco: catalogue de produits d’ordinateur – Misco – Google Books

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Training & Development 2014-15 Catalogue Launched

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