Why We Love Women is a short story collection by the Romanian writer Mircea Author, Mircea Cărtărescu. Original title, De ce iubim femeile. Country. Buy De ce iubim femeile by Mircea Cartarescu (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. De ce iubim femeile [Mircea Cartarescu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. E limpede ca adultii au nevoie de povesti. Numai ca zanele lor.

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De Ce Iubim Femeile

Strangely enough, a few days after finishing the book I found out about Romanian Writers Challenge hosted by Snow Feathers and thought this was too much of a coincidence. I really liked this book up to the last story.

That one robbed it of a 5 star rating. Imbued with the air of a long gone era — some of them take place during the communist regime that ended in — I found myself laughing at some of the expressions I found nearly impossible to translate.

I wonder what the English translation of this book is like. There are some stories that are not that personal — Zaraza is one of them. According to the author, this is a true story that happened in when Bucharest was caught in the grip of war and the nightlife was luxurious, loud and tumultuous.

Two famous singers vied for public attention, Cristian Vasile si Zavaidoc. They were rivals and both under the protection of local gangs. He killed his lover instead, the famous Gypsy woman Zaraza.

Mircea Cartarescu – Why We Love Women (De ce iubim femeile) | Postcards from Asia

After she was cremated, he stole her cartaresdu and ate them one spoon at a time, then tried to kill himself by drinking a toxic substance. He survived, lost his voice and kept on living, a broken man who made his living as a stagehand in a theatre, nearly voiceless and forgotten.


Probably his most famous song which bears the name of his beloved has survived and you can listen to it here:. The last essay in the book is an ode to women everywhere. Carturescu sees women as candid beings, sensual, sometimes difficult to understand but always great to be loved. I found minute 4. This is certainly a great book and one I recommend. You can find the English translation by following this link. I find musings that relate to gender very interesting.

Even if one does not agree, as you pointed out regarding some outdated ideas here, I think that the ideas and stereotypes themselves are often fascinating.

Just knowing femeille people think about these subjects seems a useful way to spend time reading.

Mircea Cartarescu – Why We Love Women (De ce iubim femeile)

I agree, this kind of writing is always interesting and entertaining. That was quite funny even if a bit exaggerated. This one sounds particularly fascinating. Understanding up to a point, that is.

Maybe you can find the book on Amazon. It would be great to see what you make of it. That book sounds fascinating, Delia! If you do read it please let me know. Mircea Cartarescu is quite a famous writer in Romania and he has a lot of fans. His name, however, stuck in my head and I decided to start small.

Why We Love Women was the cd size. Sounds like a fascinating read, Delia. Thank you for this extensive review. I enjoy the Youtube links too. I love this review, and plan on reading for the challenge myself.


Ally always has such good ideas for challenges! She suggested this author to me, and now I look forward to reading him as well.

He was born in 56, you say, and I was born in 61, so I should be able to relate to him well. That would be great, Bellezza. I quite cartxrescu this one. I loved the Cristian Fmeile song. Romanian sounds a little bit like Russian. I also loved the second video in which the author reads from the book. Glad to know that there is an English translation of the book.

I would love to read it. Mircea Cartarescu is quite famous in Romania. I enjoyed this book — his writing can be poetic at times — and I look forward to read more of his cce in the future. Your email address will not be published.

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