Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of biliary lithiasis: outpatient surgery or short stay unit? A. Martínez Vieira, F. Docobo Durántez, J. Mena Robles. Abstract. MOORE, John Henry et al. Ambulatory laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a cost-efficient model of laparoscopic surgery. rev. colomb. cir. [online]. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Colecistectomía laparoscópica ambulatoria | SUMMARY Objective: We present our experience in lap- aroscopic .

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Regarding the sex variable, a larger percentage of females, as opposed to males, required hospitalization. Service of General, Digestive and Transplant Surgery. To evaluate the latter point it is necessary to focus on morbidity markers and quality as perceived by patients 8. A Day Surgery Unit DSU is characterised by performing surgical procedures which, carried out using whatever type of anesthesia, require a short post-operative period, and therefore patients can be discharged a few hours laparoscpoica the procedure 1.

Also relevant are the availability of a functioning well-developed follow-up system 17including complication identification via the telephone and their solution by a surgeon. The criteria for inclusion in our study were: Colecistectomi should not be oblivious regarding the fact that the so-called “surgeon factor” may never be blind -and is difficult to assess- and therefore double-blind studies are not feasible.

World J Surg ; When it is necessary for patients to have a recovery period of more than 24 hours in hospital, with the subsequent increase in costs, we are faced with the concept known as Short Stay Surgery SSS. Thus, savings incurred will have a tremendous impact on health-care expense. Use of ondansetron for prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting in major ambulatory surgery.


The North American model mainly attempts to reduce costs ,aparoscopica procedure, which in financial terms will indirectly impact on users as regards medical insurance costs and of course by making private procedures cheaper. Postgrad Med J ; Regarding other surgical procedures habitually included in MOS, LC has the differential characteristic of being a technique requiring general anesthesia for an approach of the peritoneal cavity.

In both groups of patients, we analyzed: Perhaps traditional culture has to be changed to obtain better results.

Can laparoscopic cholecystectomy be a day surgery procedure. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of biliary lithiasis: Laparodcopica and complications arose in 9 patients We believe that, as long as the clinical status is suitable in the postoperative period, discharge on the same day of the procedure should be the option of choice.

Feasibility and colefistectomia of day care laparoscopic cholecistectomy in a developing country. All these patients were potential candidates for outpatient treatment. Overall experience regarding LC in MOS is consistent with observations in other techniques, that is, that greater expertise in a procedure and its common daily-care use improve results.

Similarly, a small number of failures from intra- or postoperative lapafoscopica exist, which will diminish as experience is gain-ed in both patient selection and surgical, anesthetic and nursing management scheduling.

This evidence regarding a generally benign postoperative period led to consider that this technique could be performed on an outpatient basis with no overnight hospital stay, in a search for cost savings, either institutional or private, in each procedure.

Colecistectomía laparoscópica y cirugía ambulatoria

We conclude that outpatient laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a safe and reliable procedure with a high level of acceptance. Hospital 12 de Octubre.

The same goes for private surgery, but regarding public health-care, a universal, free-of-charge model such as the Spanish one is mainly concerned in hospital stay reduction in addition to reduced costs per procedure, in an attempt to free hospital beds for other procedures and send patients home upon surgery completion. To this end hospitals usually rely on nearby hotels where patients may stay following hospital discharge, should they wish so, so that they may be cared for by their surgeon if needed.


Mean discharge time was 10 hours after the procedure. In any case LC is no doubt an excellent procedure, currently the gold-standard in the treatment of symptomatic cholelithiasis, which may be performed as MOS in a high number of patients.

However, it should be noted that scientific evidence supporting its superiority versus traditional cholecystectomy as based upon controlled randomized studies colecistedtomia pretty scant, regardless its wide acceptance by the health-care community and patients as well. Thus, not only has laparoscopy advanced in itself, but traditional techniques have also benefited from greater rigor in outcome studies, and healthy competition has shown up regarding “lesser invasion” with increasingly small incisions, and shorter stays and postoperative periods, all of laparoscopixa represents great value for patients.

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Laparoscopic surgery entailed a number of nowadays universally accepted benefits for patients. Other complications that lead cllecistectomia unexpected extension of the hospital stays bleeding, drainage, etc. Thus, patients who are at high-risk regarding anes-thesia may not be included, where in addition to potential surgical complications an eye must be kept on potential anesthesia-related complications.