: Emperor: The Gates of Rome: A Novel of Julius Caesar ( ): Conn Iggulden: Books. From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys Sweeping us into a realm of tyrants and slaves, of dark intrigues and seething. From the spectacle of gladiatorial combat to the intrigue of the Senate, from the foreign wars that secure the power of the empire to the betrayals that threaten to.

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Bij de opleiding International Development Management proberen ze daar oplossingen voor te bedenken. Meer weten over deze en andere opleidingen van Van Hall Larenstein? Title and author The title of the novel is Emperor: The gates of Rome, written by Conn Iggulden. Conn Iggulden was a teacher who gave lessons on different schools, and surprisingly he teached English, not history. Although Emperor is his first book he has published, he wrote poems, short stories and novels for himself.


The Gates of Rome (Emperor, #1) by Conn Iggulden

Emperor is the first novel in a line of four, which are all about the live of Julius Caesar. The gates of Rome, is about the youth of Julius Caesar, the most conj Roman who has ever lived. The two young boys grow up with each other and have a deep going friendship for one another, which will be tested numerous times in their lives.

Thereafter Gaius gets to know his uncle Marius better who is the consul of Rome, which you could relate a president fates. But there is one who wants the position of Marius dearly, that person is senator Sulla but Marius plots a scheme which sends Sulla off to Greece to put a stop to a rebellion there.

During this time of peace Gaius lives the good wealthy live a young man in Rome, visiting every party possible, while Marcus has gained himself a position in a legion, which gets send off to the outer eastern border of the Roman Empire.

Months later Sulla gets back from a glorious iggulde in Greece but Marius has declared the general to a traitor and thus an gages of Rome. This leads to that Marius needs to defend Rome with his own legion while Sulla tries rrome conquer it with the army he has taken to Greece. Because of his relation to Marius Ov should be killed as well but Sulla spares him and sends him off to a distant province in Egypt, where he cant be off any threat to him, which is where the novel ends.

Setting Nearly everything has taken place in or around the city of Rome, starting with the growing up of Gaius and Marcus on the land of their family, which is followed up by Gaius getting to know the gares life in the rich parts of Rome due to his uncle Marius. Marcus instead, joins a legion which first trains around Rome but than is getting send to a distant land in the most eastern part of the Roman Empire.

Especially the city of Rome is very imaging told, the beautiful architecture of the temples, the ahead of its time organising of the houses, and the surroundings of the Caesar estate.

Emperor: The Gates of Rome

The republic that is Rome is ruled ifgulden the Senate, which is drenched in schemes and plots against one another senator. The protagonist This is of course Gaius Julius Caesar, a promising young boy.

He gets a very high level of education by the best teachers that are around, and he is teached the arts of warfare, sword fighting, mathematics and Latin, which prepares him well for his future career in the Senate and in the legion. Gaius is as well a very persistent man, who has to achieve his goals and will not settle with anything less than he dreams of. In the end he swears that the one who has banished him and murdered his uncle, Sulla, death by his own hands, which shows another side of him, that he is as well very hate carrying.


Flat characters Senator Sulla, the one who plotted the demise of Marius and thus the banishment of Gaius. He is presented as a smart but sinister character, which is very ambitious and wants to achieve the status of consul from Marius. Suetonius, the bully who lives next door to Gaius and Marcus. During the time the young boys spend they get caught on Suetonius terrain more than once and after a few times he hangs both of them with rope to a tree, bound at their feet.

He than takes his chance and punish them for the deeds they have done, but later in the story, Suetonius becomes inferior to Gaius because he will become his superior in the legion.

Perspective The story is told in a third person view.

EMPEROR: The Gates of Rome

In the end I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the quality of this novel, it was way beyond my expectations. The main characters are very well described and are evolving throughout the story, but the surroundings are described in a sufficient way.

However it was the battles that were very well written, very imaginative and realistic. You read that blood is flying around, limbs are chopped off, while men of both sides are dieing, than the author also adds to it that Gaius keeps his head cool and orders his men to victory, in which you could very quickly see that this boy was destined for a great future.

This is fiction you are reading for your own amusement, not a history book for a test. Ook lezen of kijken.