on installing the Hydro Series Hi, if you are using a different model, please click the corresponding link below: Hydro Series Hi GT. View and Download Corsair Hi quick start manual online. EXTREME PERFORMANCE LIQUID CPU COOLER Hydro Series. Hi Computer Hardware pdf. Corsair Hi Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Corsair Hi Quick Start Manual.

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About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Corsair H Placment Fri Sep 06, They are placed on top of the normal square of the case and covered by a shroud. My dilemma is this.

Do I mankal the H inside the case and pull air through it up and out of the case. Thus allowing me to mount the radiator outside the case and have the fans pull in to the case.

I’ll try and get some pictures.

This will be a slow build since I have a broken collar bone to deal with! Oh the rest of the specs: Corsair H Placment Fri Sep 06, 1: My subscription allows you people to exist on this site and makes me a better human being than you’ll ever be.

Corsair H110i Quick Start Manual

I was just thinking corasir cool air getting to the radiator first would be good. Then the exhaust would take care of the rest of the heat dissipation. At least it looks like it will be really easy to mount in the case! Corsair H Placement Fri Sep 06, 1: Now that’s not to say that the H is similar, or any different, for that matter.


I’ll reference their installation manual shortly, if I mabual find a copy of it online. Airmantharp Emperor Gerbilius I. Corsair H Placment Fri Sep 06, 2: If you have positive pressure generated by fans elsewhere in the system, you can easily get away with the IWC oriented as an exhaust, because it will effectively be the same- or better, really- as having it as an intake. If you have an average case and added no additional fans, you might have one intake and one exhaust- so making the Hi an intake makes sense.

Corsair Hydro Series Hi PRO Review | TechPowerUp

But if you have significant amounts of intake, like you should, then setting it to exhaust actually makes more sense and will net higher performance. It also heats up every other component inside your case. Corsair H Placment Fri Sep 06, 3: Will there be a difference in cooling performance that is relevant to a normal user.


As the case is configured now, there are 2x in on the front, 2x in on top and one exhaust. The only pace to put the H is at the top of the case. Changing the top of the case to exhaust might help cooling overall anyway.


The cowl over the fans isn’t a mesh, but rather a plate with lots of tiny holes in it. Corsair H Placment Fri Sep 06, 7: I’ll likely be doing the same if I upgrade within my current enclosure Define R3by putting a 2xmm cooler up top for the CPU and turning the rear fan around.


My current H60 is fine for my k 4. Changing the top of the case to exhaust. Simple solution would be to add a cheap filter to the rear mm, and change it to an intake, so that you’d have more intake than exhaust, and positive pressure. Skill, Crosley D Case Mod. Corsair H Placment Sun Sep 08, 2: It is quite literally no space to spare. I am getting an 8 pin cpu power extender so I can cut the tab off to get it in to the port!

The radiator intrudes on the 5. Except for the fan controller which is not full length! Maybe I ought to have gotten a new case, but I turned the savings in to the gtx Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 7 guests.