LibraryThing Review. User Review – keylawk – LibraryThing. The linguist author develops a unified theory for “at least a partial answer” for the Origination of. Derek Bickerton, Roots of language. Ann Arbor: Karoma Pub. I. Pp. Xiii+ The bare bones of Bickerton’s argument in this book are as follows: a group. Roots of language. Derek Bigkerton. Publishers, xiii + pp. (Cloth. Derek Bickerton has always been a linguist w resembles a poet: he writes a beautiful.

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Derek Bickerton – Wikipedia

We log anonymous usage statistics. Please read the privacy information for details. Roots of language Derek Bickerton. It was the first work to systematically develop a theory first suggested by Coelho in the late nineteenth vickerton The book also proposed that the same set of properties would be found to emerge in normal first-language acquisition and must have emerged in the original evolution of language.


These proposals, some of which were elaborated in an article in Behavioral and Brain Scienceswere immediately controversial and gave rise to a great deal of subsequent research in creoles, much of it aimed at rebutting the theory. The book also served to legitimize and stimulate research in language evolution, a topic regarded as off-limits by linguists for over a century.

Derek Bickerton, University of Hawaii. He has carried out extensive research into creole languages in Guyana, Hawaii and the Seychelles. In recent years he has written extensively on the evolution of language. He has also co-edited volumes on the evolution of syntax and protolanguage Buy on Amazon UK.

Auf Amazon DE kaufen. Collaborative reading on Paperhive. LaTeX source on GitHub.

Derek Bickerton

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