: Dialogicality and Social Representations: The Dynamics of Mind: Ivana Marková: Books. This book develops a theory of social knowledge based on dialogicality, the capacity relation or opposition to otherness, and the theory of social representations. Title in English, Markova, I.: Dialogicality and Social Representations:The Dynamics of Mind. Authors. HYTYCH Roman. Type, Article in Periodical. Magazine /.

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This course is available with permission as an outside option to students on other programmes where regulations permit. This course focuses on social representation as a theory in social and cultural psychology and as phenomena in social life.

It explores concepts, empirical studies and fields of application of social representations. The course aims to equip students with in-depth understanding of the production, transformation and contestation of representations in public spheres.


Through an examination of concepts and key studies in the field, the course explores the dynamics of social thinking and the power of representations to construct meanings and social realities. It highlights process of communication and contestation between different knowledge systems and the dynamics of social change.

Resistance, stability and social change: A handbook of social representations. Cambridge University Press, S Moscovici, Social Representations. Polity Press, ; S Moscovici, Psychoanalysis: S Jovchelovitch, Knowledge in Context: Representations, community and culture.

I Markova, Dialogicality and Social Representations. Bridging Theoretical Perspectives, Basil Blackwell, Exploring the critical potential of social representations theory. H Joffe, Risk and ‘The Other’.

U Flick, The Psychology of the Social. An essay plan of not more than words is required. Self-management Team working Problem solving Application repreesntations information skills Communication Specialist skills.