Readers’ questions about El Espia que surgio del frio. 9 questions answered. : El espia que surgio del frio / The Spy Who Came In From the Cold (Spanish Edition) () by John Le Carre and a great selection . El espía que surgió del frío en Encuentra trailers, análisis de películas y toda la información de El espía que surgió del frío dirigida por Martin Ritt.

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When remembering this is around the James Bond era it really exposes the concept of the Spy being the person in control.

El espía que surgió del frío

In fact they are the pawns, chewed up and spat out for the use of a political cause. Very nice movie, not overplayed, some nice shots and an interesting addition to a usually hammed up subject.

In terms of pacing and atmosphere, I could definitely see the influence it had on something like last year’s Tinker Tailor. It is a bit of a time capsule, but if you have an interest in the era, it’s about as good as Cold War espionage flicks get. It shrgio slowly, but the tension rapidly begins to build once things take off.


El espía que surgió del frío () – MUBI

Ritt’s best, in my opinion. Le Carre wasn’t happy with this adaptation, particularly the casting of Burton, but this, to my eyes, is a perfect rendition of the book. The drab essence of the spy world is captured better here, than in any other film. In a superb cast the standout is Oskar Werner.

These two films belong together. The camera moves subtly to great effect and, perhaps, it’s even better when it doesn’t, holding on the faces that suegio the weight of the world.

It’s also a wonderfully tragic romance powered by Burton’s intensity and Esia magnetism. Burton is at his lumpen, taciturn worst, but the marvellous Oskar Werner and that sharp cinematography by Oswald Morris outdoing the first shot of Welles’s “Touch Of Evil” help at least partly to make up for the gloom. This movie is just about perfect; the whole thing just feels so advanced, so ahead of its time, and I am constantly impressed with what Ritt was able to accomplish.


Truly a gem of cinema, one that should not be missed. Seek it out, if you haven’t seen it. If the boring first half of the movie wouldn’t exist it would be a great movie!

The plot is srgio most fascinating thing about it. It’s also depicting spy differently. The spy in this movie is a man who didn’t have any choices. He didn’t know what’s gonna happen to him later. This movie succeed to describe the reality of espionage. Thanks to Martin Ritt’s solid direction The turbulent grounds of post-war Germany set the stage for this thriller amidst a politically divided Berlin.


In many ways a companion piece to The Third Manthis underestimated game of deception starring James Mason! Dirigida por Martin Ritt.

Se interpone un hombre Carol Reed. Berlin International Film Festival Academy Awards 2 nominaciones incluyendo: Best Actor in a Leading Role.

National Board of Review Ganador: Best Film from any Source. Martin Ritt Director y Producer.

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