ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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This installation guide is intended for technicians involved in the mechanical and electrical installation of the Honeywell Enraf Series ATG Advanced Technology Gauge. EC declaration of conformity Refer to the EC declaration of conformity, shipped with the instrument.

All connections to the instrument must be made with shielded cables with exception of the mains, alarm outputs and Honeywell Enraf field bus cable. The shielding must be grounded eneaf the cable ebraf on both ends of the cable.

Legal aspects The mechanical and electrical installation shall only be carried out by trained personnel with knowledge of the requirements for installation of explosion-proof equipment in hazardous areas.

The information in this installation guide is the copyright property of Enraf B. The contents, descriptions and specifications in this installation guide are subject to change without notice. Additional information Do not hesitate to contact Honeywell Enraf or its representative if you require additional information.

For medium pressure versions till 6 barthe ATG drum compartment housing is of aluminium, and for chemical version it is of stainless steel. For high pressure version max. The housing of the ATG is explosion-proof: A magnetic coupling transfers the drum movement hence, displacer movement to electronic compartment. Wiring for intrinsically safe options, such as temperature or pressure measurement, is fed via two separate cable entries.

The ATG covers can optionally be provided with sealing facilities on blocking devices, which prevents unauthorized opening. Warning Improper installation of cable glands, conduits or stopping plugs will invalidate the Ex approval of the ATG. Installation guide ATG Page 3 Safety Personal safety The technician must have basic technical skills to be able to safely install the equipment.

When the ATG is installed in a hazardous area, the technician must work in accordance with the local requirements for electrical equipment in hazardous areas. Warning In hazardous areas it is compulsory to use personal protection and safety gear such as: Avoid possible generation of static electricity. Use non-sparking tools and explosion-proof testers.

Make sure no dangerous quantities of combustible gas mixtures are present in the working area. Never start working before the work permit has been signed by all parties. Pay attention to the kind of product in the tank. If any danger for health, wear a gas mask and take all necessary precautions. Safety conventions AWarningsACautions and ANotes are used throughout this installation guide to bring special matters to the immediate attention of the reader.

Installation guide ATG General precautions General precautions Caution During transport of the gauge the motor block should be locked. This is for protection of the weighing system. Caution The box in which the arrives also contains the measuring drum. This is a precision measuring device and shall only be installed by a qualified commissioning engineer.


Accurate measurement requires an undamaged and clean drum. The entire installation procedure shall be in accordance with national, local and company regulations. Preparation for transportation of the gauge Caution Do not transport the instrument with the motor unlocked. Refer to figure 1 for motor locking.

Drum should be transported in original protective box. Drum and displacer shall only be installed by a qualified commissioning engineer. Process connection The ATG can be ordered with race face or flat face flange. Select gasket that is suitable for flange type, maximum pressure and product to be stored. Mount instrument flange horizontally. Warning Verify that tank or drum compartment is depressurized before opening the tank or drum compartment cover of ATG.

When using ATG on pressurized tank, it is recommended to install a suitable valve between tank and ATG to isolate the instrument from the process when required. The valve shall have an opening large enough to feed through the displacer. Figure 2 Orientation of the gauge on a tank top view On a stilling well or guide pole, the orientation of the gauge may be chosen freely.

The weight of the ATG for: Page 7 Mechanical installation Bolts Secure the gauge adapter by using appropriate bolts. Mounting a pressure gauge set 1 2 3 4 5 Connect T-piece horizontally to drum house. Check whether manometer is suitable for the maximum pressure in the tank. Mount manometer and vent valve figure 3. Gently open valve between tank and drum compartment and check for leakage on all connections.

Place shark rings between flange and strip figure 4. Figure 4 Example of flange ground Note: Also in case of tanks with cathodic protection, the ATG must be grounded to the tank. Installation guide ATG Page 9 Electrical installation Electrical installation The entire electrical installation shall be in accordance with International Standard IEC for electrical equipment to be installed in hazardous areas.

Warning Make sure that all power to the instrument is switched off before opening the cover of the electronic and terminal compartment. Failure to do so may cause danger to persons or damage the equipment. All covers of the ATG must be closed before switching on the power.

Caution Do not damage the thread of the covers and instrument and keep the thread free of dirt. After opening, grease it lightly with anti seize grease. When closing, never tighten the covers before the threads are properly engaged. The covers should be turned counter-clockwise until the thread Aclicks in place, then turn clockwise until the covers are fully closed.

Enraf servo 854ATG install guide

After closing the covers, do not forget to place the blocking devices. Page 10 Installation guide ATG Electrical installation Preparing gauge for electrical installation Mains voltage selector Check whether voltage selector is set correctly as indicated on identification label of ATG as well as for the presented supply.

The voltage selector is located inside electronic compartment on the top of backplane. It is marked with ‘A’ in figure 6. Install an explosion-proof mains switch in the mains supply cable to each ATG.


Honeywell Enraf 854 ATG Manuals

Specify which switch you need to operate the ATG. Figure 6 Voltage selector Atv For V supply voltage, set the voltage selector to V. To change voltage setting, proceed as follows: Place mains supply indication plate and lock it 4 Close cover. Caution Changes of the mains setting shall be marked on the identification label of the ATG.

Therefore, external fuses must be installed in the mains supply cable to each ATG. Explosion-proof Ex-d or increased safe Ex-e cable glands must be used, depending on local requirements.

Refer to the Ex-marking on the identification label of the ATG to determine which type of cable glands is required. If the ATG is installed in a hazardous area, threaded rigid metal conduit or threaded steel intermediate metal conduit shall be used.

Enraf servo ATG install guide |

If the ATG is installed in a hazardous area, stopper boxes must be applied within 18 inches 0. Depending on the wiring configuration, one to four: Seal manial unused cable inlets with an approved: NPT threaded stopping plug. Warning Improper installation of cable glands, conduit or stopping plugs will invalidate the Ex approval of your ATG.

This is a safety grounding requirement. Grounding can be performed by copper strips across the flanges refer to section Grounding at mechanical installationor by manuzl ground wire. With last mentioned method, use one of the external ground terminals of the ATG. Grounding shall be performed in accordance with local regulations.

Caution Safety depends on proper grounding. Check the resistance of the ground connection directly after mahual. The measured ground resistance shall be below the maximum prescribed by local grounding requirements.

Warning When measuring the ground resistance, use a suitable explosion-proof tester. Lay-out terminal compartment The terminal compartment on top of the ATG is divided into a non-intrinsically safe and an intrinsically safe part.

Figure 7 Location of terminal compartment The non-intrinsically safe cabling may only enter at the two right enrad side cable entries figure 7. Warning Only open the terminal compartment cover top cover when the manaul is switched off.

Must be suitable for the ATG power rating and, moreover, approved for the use in hazardous areas.

Honeywell Enraf field bus: One twisted pair cable is recommended. Honeywell Enraf field bus lines may be interchanged. If local regulations allow, mains and Honeywell Enraf field bus lines may share one cable.

Honeywell Enraf ATG Manuals

Mind the isolation janual of the cores in the cable; refer to the International Standard IEC If a quad cable is used and all four cores are twisted together, use two opposite cores for Honeywell Enraf field bus lines and the two others for mains.

The relay output contacts are potential free. The permitted operational areas are shown in figure 9.