The Space Merchants [Frederik Pohl, C. M. Kornbluth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a vastly overpopulated near-future world. Unheralded yet fitting perfectly amongst these novels, C.M. Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl’s The Space Merchants is a dystopian novel that. In , Pohl and Kornbluth (–) published this wry tale of a future run by The Space Merchants. Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth.

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I loved this novel. I also recommend their collaboration Gladiator-in-Law — although it was less focused. One gets the sense they worked less closely with each other than on this one. Such is the danger of joint efforts. But spcae if a tandem work well together once, they can do so again. That The Space Merchants itself is not the most focused effort may indicate, however, it was the peak of their collaboration.

Should I find a copy of Trederik In Law, I will check it out, though and hope that it is not a mother in law run amuck.

I wonder if Kornbluth’s solo novels are more focus — I’m staring at The Syndic on my shelf at the moment Also, read his shorts! It is a “story” not easy to get your head around, but far, far different than anything resembling mainstream genre.

Kornbluth and Frederik Pohl. The dystopian novel has become a tradition in science fiction. Stanislaw Lem’s The Futurological Congress sees a society stymied by chemicals, reality always one hallucination away.

Unheralded yet fitting perfectly amongst these novels, C. Gaining prescience rather than losing it with time, the ideas frexerik the novel are hurt only by poor plotting.


Fantastical Andrew Fox

Otherwise, they ring loud and clear to this day. The society Kornbluth and Pohl imagine psace indeed all too realistic. Set nominally in the 22 nd century, corporations have gained enough power to force political bounds to shift from the geographical to the commercial. States no longer represented in government, business conglomerations and mega-corps instead compete and lobby fiercely on the highest stage to ensure products are consumed and profits high.

Playing the largest role in this are the advertizing agencies. Able to use whatever methods they desire, the five senses are appealed to in commercials, billboards, etc. Wealth channeled to the top, the lower class grows while the rich prosper. The poor having to subside on low quality nutrients, third world countries supplying labor for the wealthy, and many people wearing mouth filters on city streets, the world of The Space Merchants is merhants like ours in many ways.

It is thus when a big contract comes through—one questionably obtained—that he is picked to head it. Called the Venus project, mankind is sending its first humans to settle our green neighbor, and it thr up to Courtenay to ensure there are people on the ship. After hand picking his team, researching the demographics, and interviewing the only astronaut who has actually set foot on Venus, he sets his plans in motion. It is PKD on a bad day. It is random escapes without foreshadowing for the instrument used.

It is spastic caroming between equivocally unequivocal allegiance. Yes, you understood that correctly. Suffice to say, the first half to two-thirds of the novel trundle along in standard, and at times, pohll fashion, but soon thereafter the plot disintegrates into a room of mirrors, nothing seeming to fit together no matter how hard you look. The Space Merchants is thus to be mrchants for its ideas. If the world already described is not enough, there are several more nuances and underlying concepts which are intriguing—especially considering the novel was written in Actual cocaine in Coca-Colausing subliminal messages at the cinema, and other such realities of mid th century American commercialism appear to be what the novel is a response to.


Other ideas which possess full impact include: And on and on go the socially relevant concerns directly addressed. My notes literally spilled over from the normal paper I use.

Pohl Plus Kornbluth Part 2: The Space Merchants | Fantastical Andrew Fox

In the end, The Space Merchants is a fascinating novels of ideas that is only loosely cobbled together by plot. Thus regardless of poor story, it is worth a read strictly mrechants its place in genre and socio-political relevancy. Posted by Jesse at 5: Anonymous March 8, at 1: Jesse March 8, at 3: Anonymous March 10, at 9: Jesse March 11, at 8: Newer Post Older Post Home.