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Neuropsychology is a clinical and scientific discipline at the meeting place of neurosciences and psychology.

This discipline was founded more than a years ago mostly from the observation of adults with brain injuries. The role of the neuropsychologist is to analyse cognitive disorders memory, attention, concentration, language, cognitive functions, etc.

Neuropsychology is a scientific medical discipline based on advances in the brain and its functioning functional anatomy of the brain, localisation of its structures, maturation mechanisms, validated clinical research protocols, recording cerebral activity by functional imaging and electrical recording in different tasks relating to neurosciences and cognitive sciences.


Praxiass neuropsychologist is approved to undertake full assessments to examine both cognitive functions, behavioural disorders and psycho affective disorders.

estimulació cognitiva – Cuadernos Rubio

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Contact Who Am I? Neuropsychology Neuropsychology is a clinical and scientific discipline at the meeting place of neurosciences and psychology.

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Why ask for a Neuropsychological examination? Help in diagnosis Certain diseases in elderly patients: Help to determine the extent of brain lesions at a particular time CVA, Epilepsy, Head injury, Side effects of intensive treatments, etc.

All to optimise the effectiveness of educational and therapeutic interventions and avoid secondary psychological harm. The different types of memory in the verbal and visual field autobiographical memory, semantic memory, episodic memory, working memory,….

Attention sustained attention, selective attention, divided attention… and concentration. Instrumental functions language, fine motor skills gnosiaspraxias, calculation,….


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Visuo-spatial functions and Neuro-visual functions. These evaluations are more ofter done in a few sessions.

Return of results immediately after the tests are performed. A written report is produced, as fast as possible either by letter or e-mail and is given to both the doctor and the patient. Contact Camille de Montebello.