It is clear that Malaysia has achieved much as a young nation. . The GTP described in this roadmap is not comprehensive, definitive or static. PDF | While Malaysia has always seen major reform and modernisation programmes, the Government (GTP) – a roadmap for improving public services. MALAYSIA: Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) – A Roadmap for Malaysia and help achieve the Government Transformation Programme (GTP).

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Revision of previous policy?: The 12 NKEAs malqysia are: Other policies that are related to malaysiaa one. Tenth Malaysia Plan Energy service quality targets: KeTTHA will develop an accreditation framework for energy services companies to improve and regulate the quality of energy services companies in Consumers will receive rebates on particular appliances that account for the biggest part of household electricity bills[ These targeted appliances are refrigerators, air conditioners and light bulbs.


Second, Radmap will set the target across ministries that 50 percent of the goods and services purchased by the public sector should be eco-labelled by EE lighting and mechanical system standards: The Government will need to replace the current environmental regulation enacted for energy conservation in lighting that bans incandescent lighting by with a specific directive that only SSL lighting can be utilised rather than fluorescent lighting by Regulate better insulation for new buildings and renovated buildings.

Building Up Solar Power Capacity. Government will work with TNB to make co-generation economically viable. Building a regional oil storage and trading hub.

Import taxes and fee exemptions: Stimulate the sales of energy-efficient vehicles by offering rebates to encourage adoption of hybrid or electric vehicles. Making Malaysia the number one Asian hub for oil field services: Attracting MNCs to bring a sizeable share of their global operations to Malaysia; [ Developing engineering, procurement and installation malaysla and capacity through strategic partnerships and joint ventures.


Advanced fuel extraction technology: Sustaining oil and gas production: Technologies such as instant pressure drop will be explored in milling to reduce energy costs in the drying process and improve recovery. Technology collaboration with other member States: To address the power needs of the industry, we will allocate priority for hydroelectric power to the solar industry rather than other energy-intensive industries like aluminium and steel.