Here is the info you need to connect, manuals, troubleshooting, drivers. Manuals. Looking for a manual? All of our product manuals for current products are located on the product purchase page within Harman Kardon website. Read and download Harman Kardon Receiver HK Owner’s Manual online. Download free Harman Kardon user manuals, owners manuals, instructions.

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There is a green LED located on top of each of the two satellite speakers.

Solved – Cannot get my Harmon/Kardon HK speakers working | Tech Support Guy

There is also a green LED located on the top of the subwoofer. All three LEDs should illuminate when the system is connected correctly and receiving power. Turn the speaker off if it will not be used for a long period. Back to top Volume control. If the button is continuously depressed, after 0.

Pushing the left – button on the top of the right speaker will turn down the volume setting in increments of 2. The system will store the setting so that when the harmna is turned back on, the system will restore the last volume setting.


Harman Kardon HK695 User Manual

Pushing the left and right buttons simultaneously on the top of the right speaker will mute the audio. When muted, pushing either the left button or the right button, or both buttons simultaneously will restore volume to the level prior to the activation of the mute function. Back to top Controls on the subwoofer. The are three tone and effects level knobs located on the top of the subwoofer. They control Bass, Treble and Surround.

Surround – Turn the knob marked Surround clockwise to increase the surround level or counterclockwise to decrease the surround level. Turning this knob all the way counterclockwise will defeat the surround mode. Back to top Diagnostics. Disconnect all speaker cables from the sound card. To test the harmzn speaker channel, plug the green connector into the diagnostic jack on the rear of the subwoofer. This will generate a test tone.

This tone will alternate from the Subwoofer to the satellites and back again.


The diagnostic test can also be used to test the rear speaker channel input by plugging in the black connector into the diagnostic jack on the rear of the subwoofer.

Test tone may sound different due to the surround characteristics of speaker system.

How to hook up harman kardon hk695 to HD tv – Harman Kardon HK695 Computer Speakers

Review the user setup if necessary. If the test tone was heard from all speakers, your HK Audio System is working correctly.

If not, see the troubleshooting section for detailed troubleshooting techniques.