Choose Espruar Rune: Choose Dethek Rune: Choose Path: Decode. Hillsfar cover. Developers August 20, Hillsfar at Wikipedia Prompts for answers from manual, code wheel, etc. DOS ยท graspee: So this means that Hillsfar has DRM then, and as such not every . If anything the code wheel might be consideed Analog, maybe.

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I preferred the code wheels to the random page of the book checks, because the wheels were nifty. I was a kid, what can I say?

Hillsfar – Translation Wheel ~ interactive code wheel online

Great site, by the way. In the mid to late 80’s, computer gamer players were beginning to get fed up with playing games strictly off floppies.

As MS-DOS came with virtually every clone PC and offered standardized methods for interfacing with hard and floppy drives, combined with prices that made hard drives within reach of consumers and smaller businesses, game companies started to realize that the days of floppy-only games were coming to an end. At first, several game companies like Sierra tried to compromise by allowing a game to be installed to the hard drive, but requiring a copy-protected “key disk” to be in the hiplsfar drive when playing the game.


Consumers still complained because floppy disks were fragile and they wanted to make backups of their games. Thus came the next evolution of copy protection, the document based check.

Hillsfar Code Wheel (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

Now disks were wholly unprotected and could be backed up as many times as the consumer liked. However, at some point in hillstar game, the game would ask a question that could only be answered by referring to the game’s documents.

The most simple version of this form of protection would be “Enter the third word in the fifth paragraph on page seven of the manual”.

Its probably the most common form too. However, some publishers did not like the simple approach.

First of all, it was too obvious and dull. Second, although most homes did not have a photocopier in these days, the local library usually did. Several alternate approaches were tried.

One was to publish codes in a separate code book and make the resulting codes difficult or impossible to copy. However, apparently this was not deemed secure enough, so when Lucasfilm games re-released the game in a high resolution PC version and for the Amiga and ST, they used white paper, printed the codes in blue and printed the words “Maniac Mansion” in red over the codes, requiring a red gel filter to read the codes.


Hillsfar – Code Wheel – C64 Copy ProtectionC64 Copy Protection

A decent color printer or scanner can beat either of these forms of protection, a little photoshop helps. Other games use included unusual items like maps, which not only were used as a selling point but also served as copy protection when the game would ask the coordinates for a particular area on a map.

Maps, especially color ones, were often found in role playing games and games requiring trading. Still, a photocopier would work here. The billsfar focus of this article is the Codewheel, the most intricate form of copy protection offered in PC Games. Newer Post Older Post Home.