El Cordón Dorado, Hitlerismo Esotérico. “The Hitlerist Cosmogony was revealed to me in Antarctica in , shortly after the end of the Great. Hitlerismo Esoterico – Miguel Serrano – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Miguel Joaquín Diego del Carmen Serrano Fernández, better known as Miguel Serrano (10 . He also produced a trio of books that came to be known as his ” Hitler Trilogy”: El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico (), Adolf Hitler, el Ultimo.

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Porque yo soy uno de esos que hablaban con los Dioses…”. Book of the Resurrection”. He became a prominent organiser in the Chilean neo-Nazi movement, holding annual celebrations of Hitler’s birthday, organising a neo-Nazi rally in Santiago, and producing a neo-Nazi political manifesto.

In truth it is a mystery; the most secret and unknown work of the author, despite having been translated into English and published in India in a very exclusive edition: Of course this is bogus and crazy. By diluting the divine blood, the primordial miscegenation accelerated the process of material decay.

.: Hitlerismo Esotérico (Don Miguel Serrano)

The reason Hitler chose the swastika was for metaphysical reasons. Views Read Edit View history. He also tells us of his unsuccessful attempt to colonize the Melimoyu, in the Chilean Patagonia Mount antipode of the Kailas, in the Transhimalaya and how he continued to fight until the end for the old ideals and to give the youth of Chile and the world a possibility of salvation on the eve of the final judgment of theKaliyuga.

Holy Book of the Aryan Tribes. The same thing has happened with man today, he is a degenerative form of the divine world, the God-man. The repeated foot stomping on sacred ground made contact with the astral world and communication was possible The philosopher Heideggar was a member of the Nazi Party and remained a Nazi until his death in Therefore, if an entrance were closed during a cycle a person would not be able to find the entrance psychologically.


The Egyptian Pharaohs lost the knowledge of how to reawaken their bodies at the precise moment after the final days of involution Blood was the first fluid made out of magnetic light. Chilean diplomat and explorer.

For the time being, we will have results as a matter of hitlerismi. Each part of the Earth has its own magnetism and special vibration which influences the people that live there. Speech that was delivered by Miguel Serrano in after his participation in the Second Chilean Antarctic Expedition — Santiago, Chile, Editorial Nascimento; Barcelona: Nascimento Santiago, abbreviated.

He remained in contact with neo-Nazis elsewhere in the world and gave interviews to hitlerisml foreign far-right publications prior to his death.

This is the memory we have with our own God. This book had an enormous influence on his own generation that of the 38th and in the following, being considered extraordinary by the critics and polemicizing about him for several years. The New Age, Santiago de Chile, Hitlerizmo are also pages that refer especially to his friendship with Professor CG Jung, as well as countless other international personalities of those years.

Serrano regards the mysterious appearance of the fine and artistic Esoteroco Man in Europe as evidence of Hyperboreans driven southward by the Ice Age. Selections, prologue, and notes by Serrano. After visiting Antarctica, Serrano travelled yitlerismo Germany and then Switzerland, where he met the novelist Herman Hesse and psychoanalyst Carl Jung ; in he published a reminiscence of his time with the pair.

They adopted the name of God.

The proof of what I am saying lies in the fact that the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt was destroyed and along with it the history of extraterrestrials and prior civilizations to Egypt. The Druids are not Celts.

El Cordón Dorado: Hitlerismo Esotérico

He said they were White, very tall, and blonde. Johannes Rogovo rated it it was amazing Aug 04, The Story of an Indian Pilgrimage. El Regresovol. The physical earth today is nothing more than a degenerative form of a spiritual earth.


Miguel Serrano – Wikipedia

They have destroyed all history of extraterrestrials and millions of years of civilizations on this planet down to about six thousand years of history, which only demonstrate a primitive existence. Serrena held various ambassadorial posts for Chile in The spirit guides work incessantly both in the astral earth and on the physical earth to fulfill their missions knowing that we are suffering from this age of involution.

This new science had nothing to do with magnetism or electricity; it only used the currents of the earth. Epistolarios Por ChileOfficial website. Gods of the Blood: This book has a unique value for the revelations that both, great men and scholars, made to the author. Serrano’s epic vista opens with extragalactic beings who founded the First Hyperborea, a terrestrial but nonphysical realm which was neither geographically limited ssoterico bound by the hitlrismo of reincarnation.

Scott Thornton rated it liked it Jul 23, Esoteriico is repetitive attempts to repeat the same history over and over hitlerism you find your own perfection. The civilizations inside the Earth are superior to the inhabitants on the surface of the Earth. All this is in our memory banks in the cells of our blood. It covers the period between the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century during which Miguel Serrano was Chile’s ambassador to that country.

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