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ileo alexis riera

Ileocecal valve reconstruction in dogs. Quatorze beagles foram operados. The importance of keeping the ileocecal valve in the intestinal ressections has been reported by several authors. When preserved, the ileocecal valve was related to a longer survival and prevention of the short bowel syndrome, due to its ability to block the colonic content reflux into the ileum and to avoid the rapid empting of the ileal content into the cecum.

It was assessed a tecnique of ileocecal valve reconstitution, based on vesicoureteral anti-reflux tecniques. Fourteen beagles were operated.

Seven underwent ileocecal valve reconstitution following the tecnique proposed and in the other seven a simple end-to-end anastomosis was performed.


To assess the new valve, it was done the clinical follow up, the microbiologic analysis and metabolixo manometric study.

Aderenza (medicina)

Clinically, during 45 days of follow up, there was no difference between the dogs with and without ileocecal reconstitution. In the aerobic bacteria analysis, the predominant bacterium was Escherichia coli. Quantitatively, the cultures grew in an irregular way, so that it was not able to compare the bacterial growth between the groups with or without ileocecal valve.

In this study, the reconstituted ileocecal valve served as a barrier to the colo-ileal reflux just as the physiological valve does. Os testes utilizados foram: Por outro lado, Ricotta e col. Com os resultados encontrados na literatura, principalmente os trabalhos de Richardson e Griffen 8Myrvold e col. Por outro lado, Rendleman e col. An artificial ileocecal valve.

Surgery of the ileocecal valve. Reflux pressure studies on the ileocecal valve of dogs and humans. Ileocecal ressection and small bowel transit and absorption.

Ileocecal valve reconstruction during continent urinary diversion. Gazet JC, Kopp J. The surgical significance of the ileocecal junction.

The competence and bacteriologic effect of telescoped intestinal valve after small bowell ressection. Ileocecal valve substitutes as bacteriologic barriers.

Weser E, The management of patients after small bowel ressection. Influence of bacterial overgrowth and intestinal inflamation on duration of parenteral nutrition in children with short bowel syndrome.


An experimental model of a submucosally tunelled valve for the replacement of the ileocecal valve. The Nipple Valve as a sphincter substitute for the Ileocecal Valve: Prevention of bacterial overgrowth in the small bowel. Construction of an ileocecal valve and its role in massive ressection of the small intestine.

Production of artificial sphincters. Artificial sphincters as surgical treatment for experimental massive ressection of small intestines.

ILEO PARALITICO by rudy sandoval on Prezi

Rio de Janeiro RJ: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Rev Col Bras Cir. Lumial short-chain fatty acids and postsection metabolivo adaptation. Stimulated pressure response of the ileocolonic junctional zone and its use as a continence mechanism in a canine model. Myoeletric activity and intraluminal pressure of the canine ileocolonic sphincter. Metaboluco citar este artigo: All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.