Founded in in Reggio Emilia as Iotti & Strozzi, the company started operating in the Gear pumps, motors, valves and cylinders quickly substituted old and. description, category, manufacturer, oem, machine type, model machine, numbers on parts, picture. 2ISPGF/D 2ISPGFD, external gear pump, IOTTI. We supply new hydraulic pump, motors and special oils. Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors Hydraulic pumps (pump) hydraulic generator, . IOTTI STROZZI .

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Clamps are available in a variety of colours and materials. Atlantic Fluid Tech srl was founded in with the name CHS with the aim of producing drilled aluminium, steel and cast iron manifolds, with a special focus to the hydraulic market.

Auburn Gear headquartered in Auburn, Indiana is a world leader in gears and gear products. Suppliers of Power Wheel planetary gearboxes and brakes. Brand Hydraulics has designed, manufactured, assembled and tested hydraulic valves for over 55 years. InBrand began to design and incorporate electronic controllers and custom wiring harnesses into their product line.

Brand is strongly committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components and plans to continue developing hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and products which incorporate both electro-hydraulics. Bucher Hydraulics is an international leading provider of innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.


Cross Manufacturing produce one of the most extensive hydraulic component line on the market today. Established in Kansas USA over 60 years ago.

They produce cylinders, directional control valves, pressure control valves, pumps and motors. For over 50 years have been producing cartridge valves, gear rotary flow dividers and power units. Eurofluid Hydraulics were founded in They are an Italian Manufacturer of subplates, manifolds and valves in Aluminium and Steel. Of a very high quality.

Faber-Com was founded infrom the will of two founding partners.

With more than 25 years of experience, it can be considered a landmark in the field of electronics applied to mobile hydraulics.

Tognella established in are located in Lombardo Italy.

Iotti Strozzi 3/IS/P36/GF/D hydraulic pump

They are high quality producers of pressure and flow control valves. Fluid Press was founded in located in Reggio Emila Italy, the most important region for fluid power manufacturing. They produce hydraulic valves and manifold blocks.

Galtech Spa was founded in in Reggio Emila Italy. Fluid is an international acting, innovative company, which develops, produces and distributes hydraulic valves such as cartridges, customer-individual special valves and valve systems for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications. Hydrapp Spa began in They are premium suppliers of gearboxes, belhousings, couplings, electric clutches and pump supports. A global partner for mono block, sectional and proportional valves, hydraulic remote controls and load holding valves.

Intertraco was established in Quality supplier of hydraulic fittings, hydraulic swivel joints, quick release couplings and adaptors.


IOTTI STROZZI | Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors

Marzocchi Pompe founded in by Fratelli Marzocchi. Suppliers of high quality gear pumps and motors. MTE was established in You can count on MTE for quality hydraulic products such as DC power units, flow dividers, pumps and motors.

A, was founded inand is a specialist in developing hydraulic solutions for mobile applications. Oil Control located in Nonantola, Italy Manufacturer of hydraulic valves and systems. They are suppliers of hydraulic components for the transport industry including pto pumps, hand pumps and valves. OMT was founded in as a small Manufacturer of hydraulic components.

Today a medium size company in Milan Italy, suppliers of filters, bellhousings, couplings, oil coolers, flanges and manifolds. Considered the elite Manufacturer of high pressure ball valves. Manufacturer of cylinders, stack and monblock valves, flow controls, gear pumps, pto pumps, motors and filters.

Impressive product line includes quick disconnect couplings and adaptors in a variety of materials. Tecnord Srl was founded in near Modena Italy. Quality supplier of cartridge valves, proportional valves and controllers.

Iotti Strozzi Gear pump / Pompa zębata Iotti Stroz

White Drive Products Inc. White have an extensive range of low speed high torque hydraulic motors, brakes, flow dividers and pumps. Click here to visit the G.