KLAROGO WHITE BOOK KLORAN 2Ctttglft0 of % K«2Clux SClan K – U N O KARACTER HONOR DUTY Imperial Palace KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN. There’s a reason members of the Ku Klux Klan wear robes and hoods The Kloran lays out a series of beliefs, titles and rituals that formed the. [William J. Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Kloran of The Ku Klux Klan is the secret internal book of the KKK. It contains.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. We know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of society but the people themselves, and if any kjk them not enlightened emugh to exercise their control with wholesome discretion, we helieve the remedy is not to take the powers from them, but to inform discretion by education.

We believe there can be no compromise on the matter of the segre- gation of the Races. We believe that for any single American citizen to survive the final battle that will be paged by the International Kkk Cons- piracy, America and its Christian Constitutional form of government must survive. We believe with unqualified faith The Holy Bible, Romans We now rest our case to your Our accusers are persons, not America, our objective is freedom, not peace.

The tine having arrived for the opening of the Klonklave, the E.

Full text of “Kloran Of The KKK”

After this is done no one will be allowed to pass the Klarogo into the Klavern untill the Klonklave is duly opened. All svbstitute officers shall be appointed at this time. The officers do iioe assume their stations at this time.

As he approaches a Klansman, kloraj hlsnEinaa i? If a Klansman should not have the word he will remain sta- nding. The Kkj will proceed around the Klavern to all present. Af-” ter he had finished he will return to the E. C, and report as follows. When en officers n. No one will be allowed to sit on the station of an officer unless by consent of the E. C, will then give three raps and command: C, the other three Terrors will do likewise and address the Klorsn.

All Klansmen will form on the quadrate, form- ing straight lines between these four positions; these four positions occupied by Terrors, form the corners of the quadrate.

The Terrors, in taking these positions should step out far enough to accomodate the members between them, about an equal number on each side of the quad- rate. The distance between the Klansmen in this quadrate should “be about three feet.

If there be kkl than enough to form one line, the others will form back of the first line kliran so on untill all are in position. Great care must be exercised to form the quadrate correctly and symmetrically with the Sacred Alter in as near the exact center as possible. When the formation is complete all kkkk join in the singing of the following Klode: The Kludd at the Sacred Alter le.


All must stand with bowed Heads. All will be seat- ed and he will say: All will recover the SOK-C together. Prior to the signal the Plght Hawk will have pre- sented a bl? On hearing the signal the KIcxoer wi’: Then he will approach the door to the Inner Klavern and give three raps. The ‘Night will then proceed to the Sacred Altar.

The Kligraph will then arise and ‘read the names and give the petitions to the E. All lights must be turned dom so as okk make the Klavern kloram dark. Lkk must remain still and quiet. The Klokard or his assistant before this has stationed himself just insir.

The Invisible Empire demands strong, Hinds, great hearts, true faith and ready’hands, Men whom the lust of office does not kill, Men whom the lust of office cannot buy, Men who possess an’opinion and a will, Men who have Honor, and men who will ‘not Lie, Men who can stand before a demagogue, And dam his treacherous flatteries without winking, Tall men, sun crowned, who live above the fog, In public duty and private thinking, For lkoran the rabble, with their thumb worn creeds, Their large professions and little deeds, Mingle in selfish strife, LoJ Freedom weeps, Men who serve not for selfish booty.

But real men, oouregeous, who flinch not at duly, kliran Men of dependable character, Slen of sterling worth, Then wrongs will be redressed, and right will rule the earth, god give us men The Kladd will then proceed with his party toward the Night Huwk. When this is done the Wight Hawk with the firey cro3s takes a position in front of and about six feet from the party, facing the party with the cross uplifted.

He will remain here untill he hears the second LLW from the E. Then he will resome his position in front of the Kladd and move on with the party.

All this must be done with quiet and dignity. After ‘the Klsdd and his party hrve passed the formation of the klansmen, all klansmen will without signal return to their seats but will remain standing untill the Kladd presents his party to the E.

On hearing it the Kladd and Night Hawk stops and the Kladd answers with same. The Night Hawk will move on, followed by the Kladd and his party and will continue untill he arrives at the station of the E. The Night Havk stops but does not change his position. On hearing the signal from the Klokard the night hav. Cn hearing the ens: On hearing this the Night Hawk stops and star. Upon hearing this the Kludd will arise and address the party as follows: C, who will give ALLW.


He will then give ALLW. The night Hawk will take his pl-ce with the? Be will stand within the ciuadrste. The first paragraph above gives a general idea regarding the real journey of the candidates to the Srcree Altar as to turns, angles and distances.

In the ceremony as in the journey the size of the group and the good judgment of the Kladfi will get the best results in forming the ceremonial acts.

Century-old rule book describes KKK beliefs, practices

The Kladd should study his part well. The floor work is very, very important and impressive. Kk should exercise good mannerisms and a military style in his work. The Klokard with his assistants, the Klaliff and the Kludd will, with steady pace, form acrosss the open side of the hollow square, so as to evenly comolete the square, this being done the Klokard or his assistants will then administer the Oath. After the Oath the Klolcard will about face and advance to a point about halfway between the Altar and E.

He will salute and say: This being done the E. Below is listed the overall way to securly operate the klavern. It is changed frequently. The Klexter will give the password when the Klansmen are arriving and he has ascer- tained that all are kloean to let pass after having recognised them by the signs, Ways, words and grLps.

The Klarogo will then collect the password from the arriving Klansmen jloran they enter the Klavern. It is to be stored when not in use in a safe place where no person or alien will ever lay eyes on it. This Kloran is to always be considered the property of the White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan Of Mississippi and should’such occasion arise that it is necessary to cease using this Kloran, any proper demand by any Such Grand Officer shall compell Klansmen to surrender same. Extreme care should always be ‘taken in the handling and use of ‘ the Kloran to insure its lasting.

It should never be folded, bent, wet or soiled in any manner. It is Numbered and all KLaveras which shall recieve copies shall be held accountable.