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Skid steer loaders are compact machines that are used for scooping, maneuvering, and dumping materials within relatively short distances. Often referred to as sk07h steers or skid loaders, these small lifting machines are most commonly used in areas that are too difficult for other loaders to maneuver, such as front loaders.

Skid steers derive their name from their wheel locking mechanism. This capability allows the skid steer to navigate tight areas while transferring material. The idea for the skid steer loader first originated in Rothesay, Minnesota in as a way to get turkey manure out of a barn. The first 4-wheeled skid steer, the M, came from Melroe Manufacturing Company later named Bobcat.

This early version was able to lift roughly lbs and was powered by a humble 15 horsepower engine.

It would be an understatement to say that skid steer loaders have come a very long way since their origin 60 over years ago. Although the majority of skid steer loaders maintain the same primary function, there are a plethora of options to consider when purchasing one.

It is vital to the success of your operation to have the right machine that fits every need. The primary criteria to examine is the size of the machine that will be required. There are 3 main considerations with the size of skid steers: For jobs in a more open environment that require an unusual dumping height as well as heavy lifting, one of the most effective options would be along the lines of the Mustang V. This large skid steer can lift its load 12 feet in the air to be unloaded into large dump trucks.


Conversely, if you are trying to maneuver in tighter spaces, a better option may be the tightly packed Bobcat S70 that is only 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall. Other than differing in size and power, skid steers have few variations apart from their wheelbase.

| Lot Mini Loader Komatsu SK07J-1

The vast majority of skid steer loaders are operated outside. When making their signature pirouette turns, the locked side of the vehicle can cause intense friction that can damage asphalt or other types of soft terrain.

For this reason, most skid steers are operated on gravel or dirt. If the terrain is unstable or inconsistent a different type if skid steer, called a multi-terrain loader, may be used.

Used skid steer loaders

Multi-terrain loaders are fitted with tracks instead of tires. These elongated, tank-like rotating tracks provide the ultimate stability for skid steers on rough surfaces by having constant contact with the ground.

The even distribution of weight throughout the track causes traction that provides a balance as the machine carries material up hills or on unsteady terrain.

Just like its tire-based counterparts, the jomatsu loader has the ability to lock one side of its tracks that allows the machine to swivel to accomplish sharp turns. Looking at skid steer loaders online or in magazines pales in comparison to seeing them in person, but finding a dealer close by is not always an easy feat.


This major event fancies itself the biggest construction convention in all of North America. The expo regularly features skid steer industry titans such as CaterpillarBobcatJohn DeereCaseand New Holland displaying their best equipment. They also provide over educational sessions around heavy equipment including skid steer loaders. The next event will take place in Las Vegas in March of When exploring the best way to buy a used skid steer loader you will quickly discover all of the hoops you have to jump through when buying through with dealers.

To simplify that process, Mascus aggregates hundreds of thousands of used skid loader sellers from around the world onto one simple platform. By way of a quick search you can find the make, model, and type of skid steer loader that meets your operations specific needs.

Minipala Skid Steer Loader FKI KOMATSU SK07J

In similar fashion, you can effortlessly post an ad on Mascus for your used skid loader to be sold. A simple 3 step registration will allow you display your used heavy equipment at no cost.

Place a Classified Ad. I can’t remember my password. Can’t find what you are looking for? Submit a want ad. Forestry si07j and construction machinery, machine classes that work together 16 October All brands of skid steer loaders. Cheap skid steer loaders.

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