Catalog of Ideas – KUKA Robotics. from kukarobotics · Embed KUKA Arc Welding Roboter – KUKA Robotics Grundlagen der Roboterprogrammierung – Kuka. After the final exam they achieve the official KUKA-Certificate “Grundlagen der Roboterprogrammierung” (Basic robot programming)!. KUKA Roboter: mehr Beweglichkeit. Der KUKA Gelenkarm-Roboter und seine Vorteile. Die KUKA Lineareinheiten. KUKA Roboter in Modulbauweise. KUKA.

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A versatile hardware and software toolset for computer aided inspection planning of machine vision applications. Borzemski, roboterprohrammierung, Springer, Cham. Image formation simulation for computer-aided inspection planning of machine vision systems. Automatisierungstechnik, 65 6— Probabilistic surface inference for industrial inspection planning.

Deep Net Localization – Eavesdropping in mobile acoustic underwater sensor networks. Return to the Oceans. Tagung Innovation Messtechnik -Innovative Metrology: Neuheiten in der Sensorwelt und in der Messelektronik sowie deren Anwendungsgebiete Messtechnik und Sensorik. Zagar, 18—23, Shaker Verlag, Herzogenrath.

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Reducing elevation angle errors of long-range deep-sea acoustic localization by ray tracing and depth measurements.

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Motivation of a new approach for shape reconstruction based on FBG-optical fibers: Considering of the Bragg-gratings composition as a rooboterprogrammierung.

Basic Robot Programming | KUKA College

Fiber optical sensor system for shape and haptics for flexible instruments in minimally invasive surgery: Biomimetic tactile sensor based on Fiber Bragg Gratings for tumor detection – Prototype and results. Automated Endoscopic Camera Guidance: Application of contract-based verification techniques for hybrid automata to surgical robotic systems. Analyse der Anforderungen an Formsensoren zur Verwendung in der minimal-invasiven Chirurgie.


An ultrasound-based navigation system for minimally invasive neck surgery. A Technical system for physical activation of persons with mild cognitive impairment.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Heinz Wörn

Development of a shape measurement method for the quality control of the navigation of medical endoscopes at the surgical site. Arbeitsraumanaylse als Grundlage der Zugangsplanung.

Tactile proximity sensors for robotic applications. Towards building a miniaturized shape sensor: Building process of a shape sensor for use in single port surgery. Surgical robotics and instrumentation. Tactile sensor on a magnetic basis using novel 3D Hall sensor – First prototypes and results. Rotatable flexible neck-model for the evaluation of minimally invasive operation procedures with kukw help of an ultrasound-based navigation system.

Reis, —, Springer, Berlin. Automated planning as a new approach for the self-reconfiguration of mobile modular robots. An alternative locomotion unit for mobile modular self-reconfigurable robots based on archimedes screws. Methods for safe human-robot-interaction using capacitive tactile proximity sensors. Algorithm and First Results. Knowledge-based system for port placement and robot setup optimization in minimally invasive surgery. Robustness, Scalability and Flexibility: