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Nur eines nicht – das, was er gegessen hat. In Italien, Spanien oder Griechenland? Es hat mit Bildung und Politik sowie mit konsequentem Umsetzen des Wissens zu tun Sich die westliche Medizin in ihrem Irrtum, in die Fetttheorie, verrannt hat – in die Vorstellung, dass die tierischen Fette uns krank machen.

Eine Neubewertung” Prof.

Nicolai Worm, Ulrike Gonder: Auflage “Der Kampf gegen das Cholesterin, gleicht dem Versuch, durch Beseitigung eines Zeugen ein Verbrechen verhindern zu wollen! LDL-C; anstatt mit einer patientenrelevanten Endpunktbestimmung: Herzinfarkt und sprudelnde Kassen, S. Since then, crucial scientific, medical and sociological lebensmitte have come to light and our interpretation of the facts, fed and consolidated by numerous testimonials, has evolved.

Much has happened in the past five years and, although some elements were already mentioned in our book ” Preventing Strokes and Myocardial Infarction “we took the opportunity of this English edition to review and update them. Three striking points come to mind.

Firstthe emergence of serious undesirable side effects to statin therapy which had,until then, remained concealed or denied by many scientists, doctors and patients. The now well-established connection between statins and new-onset diabetes is probably the most tragic impact, not to mention the cancer risks inherent to diabetes and other mechanisms, notably the interference of statins with omega-6 and omega-3 FA metabolic pathways.

The latter seems particularly involved in breast cancer processes. Consequently, the section devoted to the toxic effects of statins has been considerably expanded in this first English edition. Why did it matter? By imposing heavier sentences and fines in case of malpractice, these new regulations brought about major changes in the way clinical trials were conducted. More importantly, they imposed optimal transparency, notably concerning the reporting process.

From then on, on application, all clinical trials were compelled to state the dates of beginning and completion. Once approval had been granted by the competent health authority, trial results had to be made public according to a predetermined schedule. This was far from perfect as it did not provide for access to the raw trial data. Nevertheless, it was still a great improvement. Under these new regulations, industrialists — and any academic investigator or expert working for them — became increasingly cautious, mainly for fear of being taken to court.

Scientific and medical reports and publications thus became easier to read, not to say easier to interpret, at least for those of us who wished to keep our eyes wide open.

If we restrict ourselves solely to the problem of statins and cholesterol reduction, the main thing that occurred after the publication of the new regulations is that all subsequent trial results were either negative no clinical benefit or flawed by major biases, as seen in the JUPITER trial [AMB ]. The New regulations also dictated that the results of all trials were to be published, whether or not they supported the expected benefits of the study drug. This considerably changed the way in which the drug industry marketed new drugs, as illustrated by the ENHANCE trial which involved patients suffering from Familial Hypercholesterolemia HF and is detailed in Chapter 2.


The third striking event concerns the increasingly critical voice of public opinion and media: Drug policies often make the headlines of the morning orevening papers and it is not unusual to see them qualified as lax, or even ludicrous. For readers who remain sceptical, I recommend two recently published articles.

11 Jahre nachhaltig schlank!

The first, “Big Pharma. It lists several measures that need to be taken, notably regarding fines and sanctions, patient safety, the way in which drugs are used and the conditions in which research is conducted.

The significance of her accusations is frightening, implying that current medical practices — supposedly based on scientific guidelines — might not, primarily, be evidence based! Lebensmitttel France, certain general media have already relayed my arguments, quite intelligently. Cholesterol-lowering drug victims have testified publicly on our blog [http: Doctors and scientists have rallied to our position — even if they did not always dare to voice their opinions too lebennsmittel for fear of reprisal from their colleagues, or from the health authorities.

And we found their additional information particularly valuable. In short, our progress has been considerable and our knowledge much improved. We accept full responsibility for all these changes.

In no way are we backing down! Our overall opinion remains unchanged: This leads us to our final conclusion, this time based on the comparison of statins vs.

This absence of any beneficial effect prohibits the prescription and refund by healthcare insurances of drugs which are both useless and toxic. Because, as I shall demonstrate in Part IV, statins are truly toxic How can lebensmittel phenomenon be explained? What are the true stakes involved in these issues? Why such brutal blockages? The answer is simple: Consensus is unachievable because warnings and red flags have been seen by all, public and media included.

Claiming unawareness will become increasingly difficult as time goes by.

In fact, we will be left with one of two alternatives: To put it plainly, the only choices left are to appear as a total idiot or as a criminal! We all understand that everyone would rather, like the proverbial ostrich, hope that the storm will pass us by and spare our heads.

What solution will those elites find to pull back satisfactorily, without some ending up in prison and others being taken for fools? These are indeed the only choices that will remain for those who chose to hang onto the statin raft until the last minute!

Both are not exactly comparable for two reasons: With statins, the scandal knows no border and science is overabundant rather than absent. The only problem is that with regard to statins, that science is dubious, not to say corrupted! There is another major difference between Mediator and statins. All have an impact on the risks of cancer, diabetes and neurological toxicity. So, contrary to Mediator, the statin issue is unlikely to be approached from the angle of its side effects or toxicity… unless some extremely meticulous investigators, national health insurance statisticians for instance, decide to examine the connections between statin prescription and various diseases, notably cancer and diabetes.


If the statin issue cannot be debated in court, as doctors and scientists are unable to debate among themselves, it will be up to the general public to change from the status of victim to that of champion, with citizens as witnesses, jury and judges!

This is why I persist in informing the general public through my scientific publications, books and blog [http: Michel de Lorgeril b. Biochemie und Physiologie des Cholesterin- stoffwechsels. Goldstein ; Georg F. Biochemie und Physiologie des Cholesterinstoffwechsels. Zur Biosynthese des Cholesterins, Abb. Walter Schunack Entgegnung zur Entgegnung durch Prof. Mit freundlicher Verlagserlaubnis vom 1. Paradigmenwechsel in der Therapie metabolischer Erkrankungen?

Medikamente andererseits sind als Heilmittel immer im Kontext mit den Begriffen Krankheit bzw.

Verschiedene Diäten – Welche Diäten gibt es alles? – Nachhaltig Schlank

Man sollte sich nur sog. Bindemittel, Poliermittel und Logj. Damit sind alle nicht verschreibungspflichtigen Arzneimittel und alle Produkte zur Selbstbehandlung gemeint. Leuzin, Magnesiumzitrate, Mineralaspartate u.

Versuchen sie herauszufinden, woher die neuen Erkenntnisse stammen: Handelt es sich um einen Tier- oder Reagenzglasversuch? Wenn von Studienergebnissen beim Menschen die Lebensmitfel ist, sollten sie erfahren, was genau untersucht wurde.

Cholesterin oder des Blutdrucks gemessen wurden. Die Bestimmung kann besonders bei Risikogruppen chronisch Kranke, Schwangerschaft, rez. Der deutsche Pathologe Richard Altmann [] entdeckte die Mitochondrien um Dieser Schaden an den Mitochondrien ist irreversible. Das Schlagwort von der Mitochondrialen Medizin geht eigentlich auf Prof. Crane mit seiner Arbeitsgruppe aus den Mitochondrien von Rinder-Herzen isoliert.

11 best Keto images on Pinterest | Food, Eating clean and Delicious food

Die Multifunktionen von Co-Enzym Q10 lauten: Sie haben es nicht gelernt. Dabei sind die Wartezimmer voll mit diesen Patienten! In ihrer Entdeckung und Behandlung liegt die Chance eines Paradigmawechsels in der Medizin – nicht mehr und nicht weniger!

Viele Mediziner sind interessiert. Nur damit beherrschen sie die Klaviatur in der Behandlung Abertausender “Mitochonder” in ihren Praxen Haben wir eine Wahl? Leider nicht wirklich, solange Sie nicht selbst alles frisch zu Hause kochen. Der Fast-Food-Effekt – oder warum wir wieder richtig kochen sollten.

Tisman ; Vogt et al. Vitamin C, Tokopherolesowie solchen mit geringer Speicher- bzw. Bruce Nathan Ames b. Im Falle eines Sauerstoffmangels werden Gehirn und Herz vorrangig versorgt.