Projet de loi modifiant la sixième partie du Code judiciaire relative à l’arbitrage. PROJET DE LOI – CHAMBRE [ Kb], 08/05/ TEXTE ADOPTE. Centre International de Médiation et d’Arbitrage à Rabat. Télécharger loi sur l’arbitrage PDF | Télécharger loi sur l’arbitrage. loi sur l\\\’arbitrage. Home back1 Next. This website.

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Convention to have force of law 4. Payment from Consolidated Fund and reservation 6. Replaces the Companies Act Cap. Family Court ActNo. An Act to establish the Family Court as a Division of the District Court and to provide for the constitution, jurisdiction, powers and procedures of the Family Court, and for related purposes. Citizenship ActNo. Intellectual Property Act No. An Act to provide protection for intellectual property rights in Samoa which are marks, patents, innovation patents, plant breeder’s rights, design rights, registered designs, geographical indications and lay-out designs of integrated circuits.

Alternative Dispute Resolution ActNo.

Deals with resolution of disputes between parties in civil and criminal proceedings, which lie outside the usual court-based litigation model. Companies ActNo. Civil Code Amendment Act, No. Amends the Civil Code, Cap. Amends article 1 and 25 register of births. Companies Amendment Act No.

Section 4 3 is repealed and replaced by a new section concerning establishment of a company. Section 64 1 and 2 are also replaced by new sections concerning the drafting of company by-laws.

Sections 95,,and are also amended. Amends the Companies Act to extend the time limit for the registration of external companies and those incorporated under the previous Act. Companies Act, No. Provides comprehensive legislation regarding private companies. Provisions cover incorporation of companies, management, shareholders, takeover bids, trusts, receivers, prohibition of insider trading, winding-up of companies and investigation of companies.

Code of Civil Procedure Amendment Act Loi no du 14 avril sur l’arbitrage.

Act of 14 December to amend and supplement the Act on Bankruptcy. Amends inter alia article 28 on bankruptcy manager, article 73 on complaints, article 93 on property protection, article on sales procedure, article on sale priority and article on security management. Act of 23 May to amend and supplement the Civil Procedure Act.

Amends articles 85, 88, 89 and on power of attorney, articlesand on complaints, and other minor amendments. Act of 15 December to amend and supplement the Act on copyright and related rights. Amends articles and on compensation, article on Commission on Copyright, and article on electronic records. Act of 15 December on public enterprises.

Contains provisions on definitions, starting and operations of public enterprises, aims and responsibilities, property, management, supervision.

Patent Act of 26 December Determines rights and conditions for patents, limitations to rights, duration and termination of rights, transfer of rights, inventions from employment, procedure for protection of inventions, European patent, and international demand for patent. Act of 26 December to amend and supplement the Act on copyright and related rights. Amends articles 20 and 22 on transfer of rights, articles 35 and 40 on commissions from sales, article 36 on inheritance, and articles 44 and 45 on reproduction of work for non-commercial purposes.


Civil Procedure Act of 26 September Determines procedural rules under which courts shall hear and rule disputes over basic individual rights, personal and family relations and in labour, commercial, property and other civil law disputes. Act of 28 July on Trade. Contains provisions on definition of terms, types of trade, conditions for participation in trade activities, market protection measures, trade development, unfair competition, monitoring, and penal provisions.

Act of 11 December on Bankruptcy. Determines jurisdiction and bodies of bankruptcy procedure, procedural provisions, parties and participants, initiating, preliminary and opening bankruptcy procedures, bankruptcy estates. Family Act of Basic provisions Part Two: Parent-child relations Part Four: Foster care Part Six: Property relations Part Nine: Protection from domestic violence Part Ten: Family relations proceedings Part Eleven: Personal name Part Twelve: Transitional and final provisions.

Notes the phenomenon of low birth rates, establishes objectives and goals of strategic actions, measures, activities and mechanisms to improve this including reconciliation of working life and parenting, education, implementation and periodical review of the strategy.

Act of 21 December on citizenship of the Republic of Serbia. Provides for conditions to acquire Serbian citizenship, and termination of citizenship. Also deals with procedure and registration. Insolvency Act, Act No. AN ACT to repeal the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, Cap 13 and to consolidate the law relating to bankruptcy of individuals, winding up of companies and company reorganisation and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

Insurance Act, No. Makes provision for the regulation of the insurance business and repeals the Insurance Act Amends the Schedule of the Regulations with respect to the granting of licences under the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Act. Citizenship Act, No. Provides for the acquisition of citizenship of Seychelles by adoption, registration or naturalization, for renunciation and deprivation of citizenship, for the maintenance of a register of citizens by naturalization and registration and for the repeal of the Citizenship of Seychelles Act, National Civil Registration Act, No.

Being an Act to provide for the amendment and consolidation of the laws relating to the compulsory registration of citizens and non-citizens resident in Sierra Leone, to provide for the issuance of identity cards, to provide for the establishment of the National Civil Registration Authority responsible for the registration of births, adoptions, deaths, marriages, divorces and nullities throughout Sierra Leone and to provide for other related matters.

Companies Amendment Act, No. The Companies Act, [No. Act to provide for 08-055 registration and regulation of companies and for other related matters. Repeals the Companies Act [Cap. Provides for the registration of customary marriages and divorces and for other related matters. Civil Code Law No: Article of the Civil Code defines contracts for labour as one involving agreement for labour 80-05 work in consideration for remuneration.

The Code also covers the general principles that underlie contractual obligations, but Article of the Code states that a special law shall govern adbitrage contracts.

mediation, arbitration or court that choose to Morocco?

That law in respect ooi private employees is the above law. The Civil Code also covers liability for “tort” acts committed by employees. An employer is liable for the damage caused by an employee who commits unlawful act in the course of, or in relation to, his employment.


The relationship between employer and employee exists even when the employer has not been free to choose his employee, provided he has actual powers of supervision and control over his servant. Makes numerous amendments to the Births and Deaths Lii Act, Chapter concerning the payment of fees for aritrage procedures. Tsunami Special Provisions Act, No. An Act to enable special legal provisions to be made in respect of persons and property affected by the tsunami that occured on December 26 and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

Establishes the Sri Argitrage Chamber of Small Industry” for the purpose of effectually carrying out and transacting all objects and matters in the Act. The Act sets out the Chamber’s arnitrage, powers, composition and functioning. Births and Deaths Registration Act, Companies Amendment Act, [No. To amend the Companies Act,so as to effect certain legal-technical and grammatical amendments in order to ensure the proper application and administration of the principal Act subsequent to its commencement; to correct certain errors resulting in inconsistency and ambiguity in the principal Act; to establish a proper foundation for certain necessary regulations; to continue the mechanisms established under section of the Companies Act,which allow for the transfer of registration of foreign companies to the jurisdiction of the Republic; to further provide for companies trading under insolvent circumstances; to extend the grounds for disqualification as a director; to provide for the terms of office of members of the Companies Tribunal; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Provides for the regulation of companies within South Africa. Correctional Services Amendment Act, No. Amends Correctional Services Act Regulates, in relation to prisoners, custody, detention, accomodation, medical examinations, searches, nutrition, disciplinary proceedings, use of force, non-lethal incapacitating devices and firearms on 0-805, labour, non-compliance of community corrections, length and arbiteage of sentences and disposal of unclaimed property, as well as several administrative matters.

Identification Act No. Provides for the establishment of a population register, which shall keep records regarding personal information, arbitrsge fingerprints, naturalisation and immigration history, and a recent photograph.

Also provides for the issuance of identity cards. Repeals the Identification Act, No.

mediation, arbitration or court that choose to Morocco

Divorce Courts Amendment Act, No. Amends the Black Administration Act,Amendmentwhich establishes divorce courts for particular ethnic groups. The amendments make such courts accessible to all persons and extend the operation of the Act to the entire national territory.

The short title of the principal Act shall be the Administration Amendment Act, Removes the need to maintain previous practice to grant blanket exemptions to citizens from loj States, in order for them to be allowed to take up employment in Arbjtrage Africa. Births and Deaths Registration Act, [No. South African Citizenship Act No.